Russ takes Paola to a standard Western restaurant and also orders an Oklahoma delicacy for her to try: calf fries.

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Nicole, 21, is leaving her family and also daughter because that 5 main to meet the love of she life Azan, 23, in his home country of Morocco. They're hoping your romance will certainly be simply as solid when they finally meet face-to-face.


Four couples -- and one couple featured exclusively online -- will uncover if long-distance love deserve to go the extra mile. In simply 90 days, they'll need to marry, or the conditions of their visas will send the women ago to their house countries.


Len resides in Arizona and fell for Alina once he spotted she laughing with friends in ~ a coffee shop in Ukraine. They're romantically compatible...but will certainly she require to life in the united States?
Catch up with the couples indigenous Season 1 of 90 job Fiance in an all-new special. Uncover out exactly how Mike and also Aziza, Alan and Kirlyam, and also Russ and Paola have actually been adjusting come married life -- and buckle up because that a couple of surprises! watch the sneak peek.
Cassia bring away Jason Brazilian bikini shopping, and also he finds himself in a pair of yes, really Brazilian trunks the leave very little to the imagination.
Aziza goes come a salon for cut and also color, and also a pointed inquiry from the stylist leads she to describe the difference in between love and attraction.
Len and Alina's story concludes in this video as that decides to move on without her. What was the last straw in this long-distance romance? watch to discover out.

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Alan reflects Kirlyam roughly the apartment and realizes simply how wide the gulf is in between their two cultures.
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