THR captured up with this season"s eighth evicted houseguest to comment on the "huge target" ~ above her back and she showmance with Shane.

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There are less than two weeks until the first-ever Big Brother: over the Top winner is crowned. Will it be Jason, Shelby, Morgan, Justin or Kryssie wade away with the $250,000?

The answer to that will certainly be approximately America, that in fact could be the most bitter jury yet.One person who won’t it is in bitter is BBOTT‘s eighth evictee, Danielle.

She tells THR, “I’m aBig Brotherfan and I typically root because that the human being who play a really an excellent game even if ns didn’t favor them personally. If that wasn’t Jason , game-wise, i would definitely say Shelby.”

The single mom from California opened up up to THR about her showmance v Shane, play the video game again and also much more.

Who was your favorite sister: Alex or Morgan?

Morgan due to the fact that she just seemed a lot an ext personable 보다 Alex. Morgan play it off well. We were all suspicious about Alex the she was hiding something since she wouldn’t reveal anything come us. Morgan was more fun and definitely the most basic to talk to out of the two.

Looking back, to be there instances whereby it may have been noticeable that they space sisters?

I to be thinking around that last night. Ns remember seeing Alex and also Morgan interact in the bathroom and also how Alex would just gointo Morgan’s things and also take stuff and use it. I would constantly be like, “That’s really weird that she doesn’t also ask because all of the various other girls ask.” Alex’s HoH—how her letter indigenous her mommy was all around a cat! and also then just how all her images were of it s her I thought that was weird. But every one of the girls were really close so that made it simpler for them to play it off.


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What else have you been reasoning about? room you thinking around Shane?Are you play the “what if” game?

Jason told me no to play the “what if” game because you deserve to go back to main one and say, “Well, what if i won the veto instead of Jason? Or what if we sent out Kryssie residence instead that Cornbread?” One small thing could change the entire game so everything happens because that a reason. I think in that. I played a really solid game and I’m no trying come look ago and say, “Well, what if this happened? What if i did this?” gift friends with someone who has currently done this before, he prepared me for that since he stated that you perform that often. I’ve thought around Shane, yet that’s no a secret! i thought about Shane the entire time I was in the house. I talked about him often! (Laughs.) I’m looking forward to obtaining in contact with him.


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Before you gone into the game, friend told me you wanted a showmance favor Jeff and Jordan’s. Exactly how does your showmance v Shane compare to previous showmances top top the show?

My showmance started very quickly, pretty much day two. Shane is therefore pretty you simply can’t aid it! I stated I wanted to save it PG, but when you’re in the residence so infatuated v someone it’s hard to not be physics have that physical attraction with them and that chemistry. I felt choose we were put on Big Brother to fulfill each other. I know that sound cliche and weird, but it’s true!

He’s patiently wait to speak to you. He’s been proactively tweeting. Ns won’t tell girlfriend what he’s said due to the fact that I desire you to watch it, yet what execute you desire to tell him right now? once do you setup on seeing him?

I want to tell him I miss out on him for this reason much! i can’t wait to check out him. Every job in the house was a consistent reminder of him. There’s so many things the he left behind that made me think about him everyday. I can’t wait to view him. I probably won’t see him till finale, yet it’s only two mainly away. We want to walk to Tahoe and also go snowboarding because that my date of birth so I’m really excited to check out him. And I’m happy he’s excited to watch me since I was an extremely scared he’d say, “Danielle’s annoying” and also not desire to view me.


Have you been able to speak to her family and son yet?

I haven’t! ns haven’t talked to everyone yet. I’m yes, really anxious for now to go home and see my family, particularly my son. I missed him much more than I can ever have imagined.

Who carry out you think has had actually the toughest road in the house?

I would say that I had actually a really tough road in the house. I was targeted really early, very strongly, very aggressively. I got really close through a the majority of people. Once Shane left the was more than likely one that the hardest weeks for me in the house, no just since I had actually my veto punishment, i was America’s nominee and also a have-not. Ns felt choose no matter how difficult I tried i couldn’t obtain the various other side of the home to like me at all. They composed me off day one! It to be difficult. I couldn’t beat the game with them. Lock wouldn’t also stay in the room long sufficient to speak come me. Castle ignored me. That was really daunting to have such a substantial target top top my ago so soon and also not be able to convince the other side that the house to work with me and protect me because they were all simply in one ear and also out the various other whenever I would say anything.

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At one suggest in Shelby’s live diary room sessions, she stated she really want to work-related with you.

I’m very shocked by that! as soon as I hugged she goodbye she walk say the she hoped Big brother brought me back. I think us do have actually a shared respect for each other, however it’s a shame us didn’t gain to job-related together reason that would have been a really, really great game move. I gave her the opportunity and she didn’t desire to take it!

Why didn’t friend get in addition to the girls on the various other side that the house?

I simply don’t think I had actually a lot of in common with them. I’m no afraid to it is in myself in any type of environment and a lot of those girl held ago a lot. It’s hard to acquire to know someone once you don’t know every one of them. I have a strong personality and also it bring away a special human to evaluate me. Ns clicked better with the various other side the the house. We had much more in common. We had actually the same sense of humor. I’ve always had problem getting together with girls and I knew that it would be no various in the Big Brother house.

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Was over there anything you said about them that you regret?

(Laughs.) You constantly say points in the moment! even in genuine life friend say things then look ago and are like, “Ugh! Shouldn’t have actually said that!” ns can’t think of anything specifically, but I’m sure as soon as I clock it earlier I’ll it is in like, “Oh gosh, Danielle, why to be you speak that?” There’s no denying the my crew was absolutely petty! We constantly had an extremely interesting, various conversations. I hope when the girls clock it back they don’t acquisition anything come heart.

As a fan of the show, you know some players have a many fans and also others have civilization who dislike them. Do you think you have a lot of fans or a lot of human being that dislike you? and also then I’ll tell you what the fact is.

(Laughs.) OK, I’m sort of scared of the truth! i think alot of people don’t prefer me. Yet that’s just because America has actually a say in the game and things didn’t go in my favor. So if I had to guess, I would guess that civilization are not too fond the me.

You have actually a most fans top top Twitter.

Oh, awesome! (Laughs.)

There room plenty that gifs and also memes made about you.

Oh, God!

Before you to be evicted there to be a hash tag made dubbed #DanielleMemory whereby fans mutual their favourite memory around you.

Aw, that’s so great!

There was one photo tweeted native the swimsuit picture shoot wherein you were posing because that the camera and the other girls were grilling girlfriend which alluded to them being jealousy of you. Janelle Pierzina indigenous season six, seven and also 14 even shared it and said, “This is sooo funny!”

(Laughs.) that is therefore great! ns cannot wait to watch that.

So friend do have actually fans.

Yay! I’m glad.

Most of your other houseguestsincluding her alliance members said you were the toughest human to live with. Why carry out you think they stated that?

I speak a lot of in the house! and I told a lot of stories. They were an extremely detailed, ns was really opinionated and the other side that the residence thought I assumed it to be all around me which is for this reason funny due to the fact that I’m a really selfless human being at heart. Once you’re in the house and also there’s naught to carry out I can’t sit in silence! I have a according to talkative family. I have a toddler. I’m not used to quiet! So the was difficult to just sit in quiet so ns would just keep talking. I would certainly say that’s most likely why they think I’m an overwhelming to live with.

Which BBOTT houseguest would do the ideal on a continual season that Big Brother?

I would certainly say myself, however now everyone thinks I execute talk around myself a lot! yet I would have been really great on the continuous season. The competitions for BBOTT were a lot various than the common competitions you view on a consistent season the Big Brother and also I think ns would carry out really fine in those competitions. If i went ago a 2nd time around, i would absolutely talk a lot less. (Laughs.) Shelby would most likely do really well top top a constant season . She’s really smart and also flew under the radar for a while and also came the end whenever she essential to, guns blazing. I respect that about her.

You think she’s a waitress, right?

That’s what she said, yet I had my doubts! since she stated she has actually really weak wrists! how are you a waitress if you have weak wrists? She’s definitely very intelligent so ns wouldn’t be surprised if the wasn’t she actual occupation.

She just finished legislation school and also is around to be a lawyer.

Oh wow! I’m not surprised! She said she want to usage the money because that school and I was like, “I would certainly be very interested to watch what she want to walk to school for.” She seemed very interested in politics. I was like, “Who has actually a favorite can be fried Court Justice? i don’t even know the surname of them!” Right as soon as we uncovered out Donald Trump to be elected, she reaction to be the biggest. She knew a lot about court cases. An ext power come her! She play a an excellent game. She was very smart. I typical she got classic music in her HoH! (Laughs.)

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Do girlfriend remember her diary room leaked in the house? What did friend hear due to the fact that she talked about taking the LSATsin the audio leak, however I don’t think anyone heard.

It was so brief! we didn’t know who it was at an initial and us realized she to be talking about the HoH comp and who it was so we completely missed that. I simply remember she was very upset! She entered and complained. Now looking back on it, I recognize why. However I yes, really don’t think anyone recorded onto that. Everyone will be really surprised to hear the she’s a lawyer.

Besides Jason, who has your poll to win the game?

It’s so difficult because i adore Kryssie and for an individual reasons I would vote because that Kryssie come win…


(Laughs.) Just due to the fact that she’s mine friend, yet to be ethical I’m not only a Big Brother player, I’m a Big Brother fan and also I generally root for the person who play a really an excellent game even if ns didn’t prefer them personally. If the wasn’t Jason, game-wise, i would certainly say Shelby. She play a really good game. She listened a lot and struck as soon as she essential to. That girl is really smart! Obviously currently I recognize she’s nearly a lawyer, yet I absolutely respect her gameplay. Her and also I both emerged approximately the same time as huge powerhouses in the house. I want Jason come win, yet if it’s no him then ns would definitely vote for Shelby!

With that, if he’s no in the last three will you advice your pan to poll for Shelby? We could have the many bitter jury yet through America voting.

If Jason’s no in the final three i will absolutely tell world to vote for Shelby! This is a game! There’s no difficult feelings in the direction of Shelby, much more power come her! ns will certainly tell my pan to vote for Shelby since she played one hell that a game. That’s what it’s about. You have to respect a great game player.

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Do you want to check out Danielle play the game again? go Shelby have your vote to win the game? take THR‘s poll here. Shelby right now leads the poll. Sound off around your choose to victory the game in the comments ar below and also stay tuned come The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.