Gaylor lyrics Deciphering the meaning and motivation behind Taylor Swift’s lyrics, v a Gaylor lens.

This song is around Kissgate - the scandal at the 1975 concert the Karlie Kloss and also Taylor Swift attended together. During the present they kissed, and it was captured on video - unleashing a PR nightmare for both the them. A couple of days after the concert Taylor tweeted“As my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d prefer for you to avoid accusing every my girlfriend of dating me. #thirsty”.

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Oh, twenty-five year old

Taylor to be 25 once the autumn from Kissgate happened, in Dec 2014.

Oh, exactly how were you come know, andMy, my love had actually been frozenDeep blue, but you painted me golden

This heat talks about how Taylor had remained in a funk, however now has discovered something so good that it washes the negativity every away. Taylor describes her lover as golden several times on reputation (ex. Dress), a layout that proceeds on Lover. This color in a motif used for Karlie, and also it is inspired by she blonde hair, her sunshine disposition, and also that one time her and Taylor accurate painted each other gold when lock did gold flash tattoos at Drake’s birthday party.


You claimed there to be nothing in the civilization that might stop it/I had a poor feeling

You claimed there to be nothing in the human being that can stop it/I had actually a bad feeling

Karlie“Sunshine” Kloss is optimistic about their relationship, and also only see the remarkable things the they have the right to be with each other - however Taylor is worried and also scared the something negative will happen.

And darling, you had actually turned my bed into a spiritual oasisPeople started talking, putting us v our paces

After Kissgate over there were countless rumors around Kaylor and also they had actually to backpedal and scale back their public display screens of friendship and affection - leading us to now, when they are never seen together and also the general public seems to think they’re feuding.

I knew over there was nobody in the people who could take itI had actually a bad feeling

But we were dancing

Literally Karlie and Taylor are dancing with each other in the videos from Kissgate.

Dancing v our hand tied, hands tied

“Dancing through our hand tied” is a an allegory about gift constrained if doing something joyful. Run is an plot of celebration. Choose love, the is something good and happy and an expression of pure emotion. However, v your hands tied the expression is oppressed. Girlfriend can’t really dance in the same joyful way if your hands room tied with someone rather - but your shared bounds force you to remain together. This is a an allegory for Karlie & Taylor after ~ Kissgate. They were suddenly muzzled - they could no longer display their affection for each other as openly as before, so despite they were stuck in the situation together their love was constrained. The joyful action was unexpectedly turned on them and also created their very own prison.

Yeah, us were dancingLike it to be the an initial time, first timeThis is an interesting reference come a“first dance”, like a couple would take part in at your wedding.

Yeah, we were dancingDancing with our hands tied, hand tiedYeah, us were dancingAnd I had a bad feelingBut us were dancing

I, i loved you in spite ofDeep fears that the human being would division us

Taylor loves Karlie, also though she is worried that the people (PR, fans, the basic public) will certainly turn against them and tear them apart.

So, baby, can we danceOh, with an avalanche?

She desires to recognize if lock will be able to stay together, even when things get hard.

And say, say the we gained itI’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wantedOh, ‘cause it’s gravityOh, maintaining you with me

Here Taylor is concerned that also if lock do gain to stay together there will certainly still be other problems. Her insecurity of gift a“mess” creeps in.



I’d kiss you together the lights went outSwaying as the room melted down

This is an exciting reference to john Mayer’s song slow-moving Dancing In A burn Room. The metaphor is that you space in a catastrophic instance with the person you love, however you neglect the catastrophe and also just keep holding each other close.

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I’d host you together the water rushes inIf I can dance v you again

Taylor is saying the she would remain with Karlie transparent anything. This also provides a tiny bit of expect - if water rushes in come a burn room climate fire walk out…but then you have actually to deal with all the water. So it’s hopeful, but it’s likewise saying the there are countless different obstacles that they will have to face together.

I’d kiss you together the lights went outSwaying as the room burned downI’d hold you together the water rushes inIf I might dance with you again