After formerly starring in 90 day Fiancé, viewers room wondering about Cynthia Decker’s existing marital status. Find out all about her husband, below!

Discover all you need to know around the reality TV star’s husband as we check out their partnership on social media and more!

Who is Cynthia Decker’s husband?

Co-Founder at LiviRae Lingerie along with reality star and also TV personality because that LifeTime dual Divas and TLC 90 work Fiancé Pillow Talk, Cynthia Decker has upheld a large following online.

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Find out much more about Cynthia’s working life on her LinkedIn account.

After she onscreen successes, viewers are curious regarding whether or no Cynthia Decker is still in a relationship…

The lingerie designer and also expert bra fitter indigenous Georgia, United says is married to irreversible husband attracted Decker.

In 2019, Cynthia took to social media come answer common questions about her connection speculations and also share the news the she is tho married to Drew.

In the caption, Decker also explains that attracted loves come fish.

Keep scrolling for more information bordering the couple!

Explore the truth star’s partner on Instagram

With over 43,000 followers,

Swipe twice to the best on an upload from she sister’s event and spot attracted dressed up alongside his wife.

Check out Decker’s connection on facebook

Over on Facebook, Cynthia Decker has also uploaded assorted content including her husband.

Pictures that the pair online date ago to 2011.

“When it every began…look at dem cat nipper eyes!!! Barracougar!!!”

Drew’s reported enthusiasm for fishing is likewise captured in a Facebook photo from 2018.

On his personal Facebook account as drew Decker, that is defined as a shop foreman at Iron period Office, a wholesaler and also producer of commercial Office Furniture.

Reportedly, he additionally works on the Furniture division at Southern device & Fabrication and formerly used to work at Airplanes in ~ Cobb country Airport.

Working in one of the best fabrication industries method Drew is earning a good amount that revenue.

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