When initially analysis with the Curse of Strahd, I was disappointed to uncover the authors didn"t provide anything superior for players to spfinish their hard earned gold on. Knowing exactly how loot hungry my party was, I collection out to make some fun shopping experiences for them.

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By making use of some good items other DM"s have actually made (as well as many kind of of my own), I"ve put together numerous shops balanced out for a campaign in Curse of Strahd or any kind of 1-10th level adventure. These items have actually been play tested over several different groups and I"ve had really great results through them.

When utilizing this supplement, do not hesitate to change any type of of the prices or details of the items. Especially if you"re planning to use this with a greater level party.

Lastly, you"ll alert many some items do not have descriptions. This is bereason they are official 5e items and are covered in either the Players Handbook or the Dungeon Masters Guide.


Recommended Shop Locations

Village of BaroviaBildrath"s MercantileDragomir"s Curio & Relic EmporiumVallakiSerpent"s KissThe Blind WitchJablonski & SonsBloodbath & BeyondShanovich JewelersKrezkMonster Hunter"s GuildSvalich WoodsFritz Von Weerg"s Workshop

Dragomir"s Curio & Relic Emporium

 Blood Thirst Armor500gp1 lb.
 Helm of Whispers100gp4 lb.
 Sword of Light & Shadow200gp5 lb.
 Sacrificial Dagger200gp1 lb.
 Venom Quiver100gp3lb.
 Cloak of Undeath150gp2 lb.
 Gloves of Pilfering100gp1 lb.
 Necklace of Tongues100gp1 lb.
 Ring of Borrowed Time100gp1/5 lb.
 Unbind Curse Scroll500gp--
 Dragomir"s Curio Grab Bag™10gp--



Dragomir, owner of one of the oldest shops in Barousing, has purveyed some of the many bizarre and also deadly magical trinkets in the land also. Having been cursed himself via immortality long ago, he is immune to all the forbidden dark magic swirling approximately the store. Magic that would certainly have corrupted and killed many mortals. The price he passist is evident, his body whithers and also rots away from age, yet he still stays, breathes and grins madly at brand-new customers that enter his door.

If you deserve to withstand the odor, tbelow are many great bargains on these dusty shelves. But beware, like Dragomir learned long ago, they all have a price not had on the tag.

Playing Dragomir

Making very few sales these days, Dragomir is very welcoming to new customers. Not offered to world exterior Barovia, he forgets his goulish appearance and also renders no mention about the little bits off him that may fall off from time to time.

When marketing items, Dragomir is straight forward around the cursed nature of his wares, but is careful not to discshed too many details. If pressed, he may divulge the item"s background as thorough below, yet tries to play off any kind of negative effects as harmmuch less and any positive effects as wonderous. He is not above lying either, though he prefers repeat customers. If anyone that is cursed by one of his items comlevels, he says they buy his overly priced scroll of Unbind Curse.

Magic Items

Blood Thirst Armor

This armor is a babsence suit of +1 splint mail, latticed via elaborate etchings that roughly follow the lines of the major blood vessels on the body of a potential wearer.

As a bonus activity, the user might ‘feed’ the armor blood from their veins. If they perform so, the next time they take the strike activity, they might roll their Hit Die (HD) and add that value to both the hit and damage of the attack. Then the worth must likewise be subtracted from their own hit-points.


The magic of the plate, while powerful, takes a enormous toll on the wearer’s body. With hefty usage, the armor’s ‘veins’ gradually turn the deep red of blood, and the babsence steel grows more lustrous, having actually drunk its fill. The wearer slides slowly into a state of unfatality – their cheeks thrive hollow, their skin grey and senable, and also their eyes sink right into an abyss from which comes the gaze of the walking dead…

If the armor has actually not been fed in 24 hours, it consumes a HD of its very own volition. The HD is lost permanently till the armor is rerelocated. The wearer cannot speak this or remove the armor by normal suggests. Once the user has no HD continuing to be they will certainly die.

If the user maneras to rerelocate the curse they have the opportunity to cleanse themselves of the taint. The user will certainly reget every one of the HD they sacrificed.


The last user was a warrior, found dead and also drained of all his blood. Some say he was still relocating as soon as the armor was torn off his cold cadaver.

Helm of Whispers

This primitive helm grants the user tremendous understanding from an otherworldly being. While wearing the helm the user hears faint unintelligible whispers. If the user chooses to focus on the whispers they"ll receive one key or item of advice from the DM to assist them in their current quest.


The being linked to this relic does not give out advice as an act of kindness. When the wearer chooses to listen to the whispers, they make a Charisma saving of DC8. This DC goes up by 1 eextremely time the save is made. On a failed conserve, the being possesses the user offering it complete control of the body if it chooses. While possessing the host they are likewise immune to cinjury spells.

Once in control, the being lies dormant in it"s hold until one of the player"s allies is close to death or extremely delicate, then it strikes. If anyone suspects or is aggressive in the direction of the host or being, the being will certainly attempt to murder them on the spot.

Once the player has actually reached 0 Hit Points, the being will leave both the body and also helm, possibly to return aacquire.


This helm was used by a great conquerer that seemed to predict all of his enemies next moves. At some point he went mad and was cut dvery own by his very own child.

Venom Quiver

This magic quiver enchants any type of bolts or arrows that are stored inside of it, providing the missiles an extra 1d6 poikid damage.


Being a magic item of bad make, the quiver will certainly accidentally rotate the whole quiver of arrows into a Swarmth of Poisonous Snakes once the wielder rolls a natural 1 on assault. The transdevelopment takes area before the missile is fired and the snake will certainly strike the user or following closest creature on that very same revolve.


The magic quiver was the product of a careless mage. Hoping to have an limitless supply of poiboy tipped arrows, he imbued the quiver through magic snake venom. Unfortunately, he offered the imcorrect balance of components which caused the quiver to have an unfortunate quirk.

Cloak of Undeath

A easy black cloak via an emblem of a raven perched aheight a skull on the ago of it This cloak grants the user advantage on death conserving throws and has actually resistance to necrotic and also poiboy damages. While wearing the cloak, the user cannot die of old age, but will certainly continue to deterioprice physically when passing the normal borders for their race.


The cloak cannot be rerelocated without a Remove Curse spell. While wearing it the player is immune to healing and also resurrection spells and also potions. They are additionally fragile to radiant damages. If the user drops dead while wearing this cloak they are instantly resurrected as a mindmuch less zombie.


This cloak was made by a group of necromancers seeking immortality. In a method, they had actually found it, but in the end they all came to be crippled husks of their previous selves.

Gloves of Pilfering

These leather gloves feel virtually as soft as silk The wearer of these gloves has actually advantage on all sleight of hand also rolls.


Once per day the gloves take on a mind of their own, forcing the user to make an effort to steal an object within reach. The item"s owner need to be a creature that is unmindful of the gloves true nature.


These gloves were imbued with the spirit of a good thief. The creator of the gloves realized he underapproximated the thief"s love for stealing yet, once he observed that the gloves began acting on their very own.

Necklace of Tongues

This necklace is made of a thin leather cord adorned a selection of embalmed tongues. The wearer of this necklace have the right to sheight any language of intelligent creatures.


Roll 1d6 whenever before this is attempted. On a 1-2, the user wildly misunderstands what is being shelp or their responses are exceptionally offensive.


The many kind of tongues from this necklace come from each creature whose language it"s wearer have the right to currently speak.

Sacrificial Dagger

Any living, humanoid creature slain by this dagger automatically rises from the dead as a zombie thrall. Counts as +1 dagger.


The zombie only is loyal to the holder of the dagger. It will certainly constantly attack the closest living creature within 30ft.


Once belonging to the famed necromancer Wiz-jak, this dagger has watched it"s fair share of sacrifices. With sufficient time and also fresh bodies, one can develop any type of entire army.

Sword of Light & Shadow

This paradoxical weapon contains both magnificent and necrotic energies. On an important hit it does an additional 2d8 necrotic damages to its taracquire. It acts as a +1 magic longsword otherwise.


On an important miss out on, the sword heals it"s intfinished tarobtain by 2d8.


When a sword of darkness and a sword of light were both melted down and also forged right into one blade, a guild of prehistoric dwarves hoped they were producing a weapon that can oppose both fiends and celestials alike. To their surpincrease, rather than emitting radiant power, the sword emitted healing energy rather. Despite their finest efforts to suppress this flaw, it still comes out from time to time.

Ring of Borrowed Time

This ring enables the customers to go briefly earlier in time and correct past mistakes. Once per day, whenever before you make an attack roll, an capability inspect, or a saving throw, you have the right to usage the ring to re-roll the die even after the result has actually been identified.


The time this ring grants the user have to eventually be phelp ago a million fold. Every time it"s offered, the user ages years depending on their race in the table below

Human, Dragonborn, Half-orc1d4 years
Half-elf, Halfling2d4 years
Dwarf, Gnome2d6 years
Elf2d10 years

A dying wizard created this ring in order to extend her life before succumbing to a rapidly growing disease. In the end she just controlled to save secs of her life rather than the years she hoped for.

Dragomir"s Grab Bag™

Dragomir has actually a large assortment of cursed items and also relics. Most of them, yet, are reasonably mundane and also would certainly not do be a good boon or bane to the player. He has actually been unable to market these trinkets so tries to eliminate them for a palattempt fee. When picking an object out of the bag, the buyer have to take the first item they touch. To check out what item the player receives, have both the DM and also the player roll a d20. If the DM rolls 1-10, provide the player a cursed item matching his roll. If the DM rolls 11-20, offer the player a curio equivalent his roll. They must not understand which type of item they got. Any equipped trinkets cannot be removed.

1Pearl RingThe user skin becomes a porcelain white.
2Red marbleYour heart beat is no much longer detectable, for all you know it has quit beating.
3Onyx RingThe flesh approximately the ring dies, yet remains functional. This result spreads extremely slowly.
4Silver CombYour hair transforms a silvery white once combed.
5SpoonAfter emotional the spoon, all food currently tastes prefer warm borscht.
6Empty Hour GlassYou have the right to currently see dark spirits hovering over people who are about to die from age and also illness.
7Humming crystalGhosts are currently attracted in the direction of your existence when nearby
8Dog"s TailBeasts no much longer trust you.
9Babsence clothYour shadow now takes a life of it"s very own once no-one else is looking.
11Worn collarA small shadowdropped creature only you deserve to check out follows you approximately.
12Poliburned RingYou can escape right into mirrors, yet your reflection tright here will attempt to kill you.
13Ram"s hornThe even more cruel deeds you commit the even more your appearance becomes devil like
14Clouded crystal ballYou get damaging visions of the future, yet unknown to you, they"re constantly wrong.
15Sheep"s HoofYou start sleep walking, doing bizarre points in the night
16Embalmed AppleYou no much longer have to eat. If you try to, you immediately vomit.
17Hot/Cold TalismanYou get resistance from cold but vulnercapacity to fire.
10Ebony PinIf pinned on one"s apparel, it turns their totality outfit monochromatic.
19Shifting Sand also RingYour character will certainly periodically be shifted into the remote previous or much future for a number of secs.
20Creepy DollA creepy doll whose eyes follow you. If thrvery own amethod it shows up aobtain the next day.

1CollarYour eyes revolve to cats eyes. You acquire darkvision.
2Blood stained necklaceYou have the right to sense heartbeats within 30ft, but not their direction.
3NeedleYou have the right to use this needle to stitch on a dead limb to replace one of your very own, providing it life.
4Charred RingWhen angry, your eyes rotate blood red, giving +1 to intimidation.
5Bloodstone RingEach round in combat you steal 1 life from any ally or creature within 5ft
6Fulgin SlippersYou gain 10ft of extra movement in darkness
7Nercomancer"s JournalYou have actually benefit when making arcana checks around necromancy
8Babsence marbleYou deserve to make shadow puppets that come alive, however are always just shadows.
9Wolf"s ClawYou do double damage to werewolves however they additionally execute double to you.
10Gnawed BoneYou can now eat rotten meat and also not acquire sick.
11Toe boneYou have the right to feeling as soon as undead are beneath your feat.
12Bronze MirrorYou deserve to watch invisible creatures, however just behind you in the mirror.
13Dead RoseYour blood is currently poichild, if a creature bites you, carry out 1d4 damages.
14Ghostly RingOnce per day you have the right to come to be ethereal for 6 secs.
15Bone carved diceYou critically hit on 19-20. But somepoint additional awful happens on critical miss
16Musk sprayGives you +2 persuasion versus women yet likewise attracts wolves.
17Chalice50% chance of doubling or nullifying any type of drinks potency.
18Dead Oak WandBewitches an inanimate object 3 times per day, however they do not obey commands
19Cat skullSummons a skeleton cat familiar. If the cat is destroyed so is the skull.
20Bone fluteSummons a sheat of rats (3 charges). 25% chance they revolve on their attacker

Bottle, Glass20gp1 lb.--
Alchemists Fire50gp1 lb.--
Entangling Sap30gp1 lb.--
Acid (vial)5gp1 lb.--
Potion of Unclouded Thought50gp1 lb.--
Potion of Water Breathing30gp1 lb.--
Healing Potion50gp1 lb.--
Greater Healing Potion100gp1 lb.--
Potion of Cure Disease50gp1 lb.--
Potion of Cure Poison50gp1 lb.--
Eternal Youth Potion (3 doses)50gp1 lb.--
Beard-gro Potion10gp1 lb.--
Night Mother"s Kiss50gp1 lb.--
Love Tonic100gp1 lb.--
Potion of Gaseous Form100gp1 lb.--
Deadman"s Draught50gp1 lb.--
Stinging Icor50gp1 lb.Injury
Assassin’s blood150gp1 lb.Ingested
Burnt othur500gp1 lb.Inhaled
Crawler mucus200gp1 lb.Contact
Black-cap poison200gp1 lb.Injury
Essence of ether300gp1 lb.Inhaled
Malice250gp1 lb.Inhale
Pale tincture250gp1 lb.Ingested
Serpent venom200gp1 lb.Injury
Truth serum150gp1 lb.Ingested


Eternal Youth Potion

Temporarily reduces the players age by one expectations per dose for one week.

AgeHuman being Years
Young Adult18-30

Beard Gro

Grows an immediate beard as soon as poured on one"s chin. Will flourish hair almost everywhere really.

Entagling Sap

When breaking after being thrvery own, this jar creates a 20-foot square of sticky sap for 1 minute. The location is taken into consideration tough terrain.

If a creature is standing in the splaburned location it need to pass a Strength save of 13 or be restrained. A restrained creature deserve to release itself by utilizing its action to attempt another Strength conserve, being freed on a success.

Deadman"s Draught

The drinker will certainly become cold and clammy via a slight rotten odor after drinking this potion. Creatures will certainly need to make a perception inspect DC13 to know you"re still alive. Undead via knowledge under 8 ignore you for 1 hour.

Love Tonic

The drinker of this potion should make a DC10 charisma saving throw or they will certainly autumn in love (charmed) via the next perchild they view for 1 hour.

Night Mother"s Kiss

When thrvery own, deals 2d6 cold damage and also freezes the enemy in place, avoiding activity. A DC13 stamina examine is necessary to break complimentary.

Potion of Unclouded Thought

After drinking, for 1 hour the player can perfectly remember anything in their memory. They also obtain +10 to background, faith, and also arcane checks.

Stinging Icor

A creature based on this poikid need to succeed on a DC 11 Constitution conserving throw, taking 10 (2d6) poikid damage on a failed save, or half as a lot damage on a successful one.

 Holy Water (flask)250gp--1 lb.
 Silver Morninglord Talisman5gp----
 Sunlight Reliquary100gp--1 lb.
 Barbed Net10gp1-10 Piercing5 lb.
 Bear Trap10gp1d620 lb.
 Garlic Braid1gp--2 lb.
 Burning Blade Oil30gp--1 lb.
 Holy Incense20gp--0.2 lb.
 Censer of the Faithful100gp--2 lb.
 Silver Spear50gp1d8 piercing*4 lb.
 Silver Longsword50gp1d8 piercing3 lb.
 Silver Mace50gp1d6 bludgeoning3 lb.
 Brand of Repentance (rod)250gp1d8 bludgeoning5 lb.
 Morninglord"s Grasp (whip)200gp1d4 + 1 slashing + 1d10 fire3 lb.
 +1 Throwing Daggers30gp1d4 + 10.5 lb.
 Short-Bow of the Hound150gp1d6 + 13 lb.
 Silver Arrows x1050gp--1 lb.
 Silver Bolts x1050gp--1 lb.
 Sacred Oak Arrows x10100gp--1 lb.
 Sacred Oak Bolts x10100gp--1 lb.


Silver Talisman

These talismans have much much less power than world believe. However before, because of it"s silver material, it deserve to burn the flesh of any type of form changer it"s pressed against, offering an efficient torture weapon.

Sunlight Reliquary

The church has discovered an ingenious means to gradually trap sunlight in this reliquary. When opened, weeks of captured sunlight comes putting out, doing 1d6 radiant damage in a 15ft cone. The reliquary might be recharged by sitting out in sunlight. For every day its left in the sunlight, it does an added 1d6 up to a complete of 3d6.

Burning Blade Oil

This especially viscous liquid deserve to be lit on fire without running off a blade. If a user applies the oil to his weapon and lights it, the weapon will certainly be granted a second 1d6 burning damage for 1 minute. This cannot be unified via other elepsychological impacts.

Bear Trap

When you usage your action to collection it, this trap forms a saw-toothed steel ring that breaks shut as soon as a creature actions on a pressure plate in the center. The trap is afresolved by a hefty chain to an immobile object, such as a tree or a spike thrust right into the ground. A creature that steps on the plate should succeed on a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 piercing damages and also soptimal relocating. Thereafter, till the creature breaks complimentary of the trap, its Movement is restricted by the size of the chain (frequently 3 feet long). A creature deserve to use its action to make a DC 13 Strength inspect, freeing itself or an additional creature within its reach on a success. Each failed check deals 1 piercing damage to the trapped creature.

Silvered Weapons

Silver weapons hurt specific creatures vulnerable to the steel.

Sacred Oak Weapons

Sacred oak weapons execute important damage on organic rolls of 18-20 once fighting vampires.

Barbed Net

This barbed net deserve to restrain solid, big creatures or smaller sized. A creature deserve to use a bonus action to make a DC 10 Strength check, freeing itself or another creature within its reach on a success. Unchoose normal nets, a barbed net deals more damage the more a user struggles. For eincredibly attempt made, the creature additionally takes 2 damages.Dealing 5 slashing damage to the net (AC 10) additionally frees the creature without harming it, finishing the impact and damaging the net.

Brand also of Repentance

This branding iron, ending in the holy symbol of the morning lord was when supplied to torture suspected werewolves, witches, and vampires right into submitting their guilt. By yelling the word "Repent!" the end of the brand will certainly revolve white hot. The weapon have the right to then be pressed against a enemy for 1d6 fire damage, branding them via the holy mark. A creature scarred with the mark has actually the effect of a Zone-of-fact spell on them.

This weapon is otherwise treated as a +1 magic quarterstaff.

Morninglord"s Grasp

This ivory tackled whip has the ability to ensnare and burn it"s enemies. When you hit through an attack you might usage your bonus action to attempt to ensnare the target or pull them at risk (however not both), using your weapon attack modifier in location of Strength (Athletics). A ensnared tarobtain might not relocate or use the ensnared arm and takes 1d10 fire damages each rotate till complimentary. If you make a second strike while grappling a targain, they will be let released.

This weapon is otherwise treated as a +1 magic whip.

Censer of the Faithful

This swinging censer offers divine security to anyone who breathes in it"s fumes. After lighting incense and also standing near within 10ft of censer for 1 minute, all creatures obtain +1d4 on all ability checks for the following hour. Eextremely time this item is used it consumes on incense which have the right to be purchased from any correct church for 5gp. However, they may ultimately run out of offers.

Short-Bow of the Hound

This magic bow was crafted for hunting and staking elusive prey. After illustration an arrow onto the bow, one sindicate hregarding whisper "follow" in elven and the following arrow that strikes true marks the targain. For the following 24 hrs the bow will certainly always allude towards the tarobtain when laid on the ground.

This weapon is otherwise treated as a +1 magic short-bow.

Hemlock Ring

Allows the user to cast the Poiboy Spray cantrip at level 1. Requires attunement.

Talisguy of the Mad Druid

Enchanted by a mad druid, this wooden talisguy enables the user to form adjust as soon as a day. Unfortunately he never before provided the user the ability to control WHICH sort of animal. Have the user roll a 1d100, where 1 is an beetle and 100 is a brvery own bear, to determine the size of the creature. The creature hregarding be a beastern and also cannot exceed a difficulty rating of 1. While transformed, the user follows the wild shape rules, yet must continue to be in the develop for at least 1 minute.

Phoenix"s Ring

This magnificent is set with a glowing rock that swirls internally with fire. If the wearer stops working all 3 conserving throws the rock will will rerotate it"s understand earlier to life with complete hit points. Throughout this moment fire will certainly swirl and also surround the ring bearer, causing 2d6 fire damages to everyone in 5 feet. Once used the ring"s magic fades forever. Uses attunement.

Alternatve Version:This magnificent is set through 3 glowing magical stones. If the user is lessened to 0 hit points among the stones will be invested and the user will rerotate back to life with 1 hit point. Throughout this moment fire will swirl and also surround the ring bearer, resulting in 2d6 fire damages to everyone in 5 feet. After being saved 3 times the ring"s magic fades forever before.

Bracers of Bugbear Strength

While wearing these bracers, your Strength score changes to 16. If your Strength is currently equal to or greater than the bracers" score, the item has no impact on you. Requires attunement.

Necromancer Robes

These babsence tattered robes offer the user +1 to every one of their Necromancy spell Difficulty Checks. It additionally offers 1 damages resistance versus all spell damage. Requires attunement.

Fey Guard Robes

These brightly colored robes seem impossibly light. Enchanted by the fey, they defend the user from being struck dvery own in fight. Once per day as a reaction from being struck, the user might invoke the robes and also be sent out randomly in any direction as if they offered the Misty Step spell. Use a 1d8 to recognize the direction going clockwise. The robes will certainly constantly move the wearer the complete 30ft if feasible. When utilizing their reactivity, it must be after the strike is delcared yet prior to the outcome it"s success determined. Requires attunement.

Vistani Shroud

This weathered fur coat is more magical that it would certainly initially seem. Used by enemies of the Vistani, this cloak protects the wearer from divination and also scrying that tarobtain them. While the cloak is on, they cannot be viewed by magical indicates and also their fortunes cannot be told.

Magic Compass

Sitting in a decorated case, this compass comes with a small rock companion. When one separates the two, the compass will constantly point to the stone. If tright here are obstacles between the compass and also the rock, the compass will allude to the route that leads roughly them.

Sending Stones

Sending stones always come in sets. These two are smooth and delicately sculpted to complement each other, so the pairs were conveniently recognizable. While 2 separate human being bring the stones they can easily usage the Sending Spell towards any type of other creature transferring an additional sending stone.

XS - Extra-planar range8 Plus - Single Planar range

Bigby"s Bag of Destiny

This one use item enables the user to pull a mysterious item out of the bag. The item will certainly be whatever the user many needs at that particular minute in time. Once an item is attracted or if someone looks right into the bag, it will certainly never before develop another item. The DM decides what the item will certainly be at the moment.

ArmorArmorCostArmour Class (AC)StrengthStealthAcrobaticsSwimmingWeight
Light Armor
 Pincluded Leather20gp11+DexDisadvantageHindered8 lb.
 Studded Leather40gp12+Dex13 lb.
 Plated Leather80gp13+DexStr 11DisadvantageHindered20 lb.
Medium Armor
 Chain Shirt50gp13+Dex (max 2)Str 1012 lb.
Scale Mail70gp14+Dex (max 2)Str 12DisadvantageHindered45 lb.
Breastplate400gp14+Dex (max 2)Str 1020 lb.
Half Plate800gp15+Dex (max 2)Str 12DisadvantageHindered20 lb.
Heavy Armor
 Ring Mail40gp14Str 12DisadvantageHindered40 lb.
 Chain Mail70gp 5s15Str 13DisadvantageHindered55 lb.
 Splint1000gp17Str 15DisadvantageDisadvantageHindered60 lb.
 Buckler10gp+14 lb.
 Kite Shield20gp+2DisadvantageDisadvantage6 lb.
Masterwork Armor
 Duelist"s Vest300gp12+Dex13 lb.
Magic Armor
 Autumn"s Shadow700gp13+DexAdvantage*8 lb.
 Gilding100gp + Gem/s1 day
 Spikes30gp1 day
 Armor Fitting20gp1-3 days
 Deep Iron Alloy400gp + Armor3-5 days



Armor Fitting

The possibilities of finding a collection of armor that is one"s exact dimension on a slain enemy is rare. For a nominal fee, a blacksmith will certainly tailor, hammer, and also sometimes also modify the armor to fit a customer.


The process of decorating a weapon or suit of armor with gemstones or gold, costing 100 gp in enhancement to product costs. It confers no benefits on the battlearea, however grant"s +1 to all persuasion skill checks while wearing it.

Deep Iron Alloy

An incredibly difficult steel taken from the Underdark, armor made from this product have the right to withstand also the harshest of blows. When getting hit while wearing Deep Iron armor, important hits will certainly be transcreated into constant hits. This procedure only works on non-magic armor.


Fits iron spikes on an armor set. Not just does this develop a fearsome appearance, it will certainly inflict damages on any type of successful grapple equal to the wearer"s strength bonus.


Autumn"s Shadow

Once well-known as the Cloak of Four Seasons. This magic armor was offered by elves on their hunts to blend in via the transforming colors of the periods. Sadly in Barovia"s constant darkness, these leaves always look dead and also rotting. When sneaking or hiding among plants or trees this armor grants it"s user benefit on all stealth rolls.

Duelist"s Vest

This carefully crafted leather vest was made to protect the wearer in the time of a fencing duel. On peak of the security a typical leather vest offers, this suit is reinrequired against piercing attacks. All piercing damage is mitigate by 2.

Simple Melee WeaponsNameCostDamageWeightProperties
 Dagger20gp1d4 piercing1 lb.Finesse, light, thrown (20/60)
 Handaxe30gp1d6 slashing2 lb.Light, thrown (20/60)
 Javelin50sp1d6 piercing2 lb.Thrvery own (30/120)
 Mace50gp1d6 bludgeoning4 lb.
 Spear10gp1d8 piercing*4 lb.Reach, two-handed
 Maul50gp2d6 piercing*4 lb.Heavy, unwieldy, two-handed
 Parrying Dagger20gp1d41lbLight, finesse, parry
Martial WeaponsNameCostDamageWeightProperties
 Rapier30gp1d8 piercing2 lb.Finesse
 Greatsword50gp2d6 piercing/slashing7 lb.Heavy, two-handed
 Halberd20gp1d10 piercing/slashing*7 lb.Heavy, reach, two-handed
 Longsword20gp1d8 piercing/slashing3 lb.Versatile (1d10)
 Morningstar20gp1d8 bludgeoning/piercing4 lb.
 Shortsword10gp1d6 piercing/slashing2 lb.Light, finesse
 Warhammer20gp1d8 bludgeoning3 lb.Versatile (1d10)
 Flail20gp1d6 bludgeoning2 lb.Wind-up
 Dousing Blade500gp1d6+ special2 lb.Light, finesse
 Geist Bane700gp1d8+1 piercing/slashing3 lb.Versatile (1d10)
 Silver Alloy100gp + Weapon1-3 days
 Master Work200gp + Weapon1-3 days
 Custom Scabbard20gp1 day

Weapon Properties


This tools can parry incoming strikes. If you hold your bonus activity in the time of your rotate, you are granted an additional +1 to AC once struck by a melee weapon from a tarobtain you have the right to watch. Wielding a parrying weapon in each hand also permits you to boost your AC twice.


Due to the sheer size and also weight of this weapon, it is tough to wield gracecompletely. It has actually a -3 penalty as soon as rolling to hit, yet a +3 to damages when landing a blow.


You have the right to prepare strikes through this weapon to make it even more reliable. You can use an activity to wind up or set your weapon. On the following assault you make with the weapon you include a secondary weapon die to that assault if it hits. A weapon deserve to only add one such damages die in this way. If no strike is made by the end of the wielder’s next revolve it is no much longer wound up. The wielder deserve to usage an activity to store the weapon wound up for a succeeding round. A weapon that is wound up can be supplied to make an opportunity attack as soon as an foe enters its variety.


Silver Alloy

Tright here are many creatures in Barothrough that are afraid the sting of silver. Werewolves are specifically fragile. You may only include silver alloy to a non-magic weapon.


The weaponsmiths can make a masteroccupational weapon on distinct order. Choose a weapon from the shop-list and also they will create the masterjob-related variation. It gains +1 on strike rolls.

Custom Scabbard

Any legendary weapon requirements to preserved in legendary problem. For only 20 gold you can have actually a practice scabbard of your own architecture.

Magic Weapons

Terminus Est

A sharp, intimidating sword, this blade once offered as a symbol of authority for executioners. The mercury in it"s core renders it light to raise and heavy to swing downward, perfect for beheadings. When attacking a at risk targain, this sword constantly does critical damage on a effective hit. In enhancement, this weapon has actually the stats of a +1 greatsword.

Geist Bane

This phantom blade is recorded between the product and also ethereal aircraft. While the manage stays in this realm, the blade glows an ethegenuine blue and also is semi-transparent. Because of it"s semi-permeable nature, this weapon can pass through enemies and damages them at the same time.

As a bonus action, once attacking via this weapon you might attempt to roll to hit a second taracquire as long as they are within 5ft of both you and the attacker. You may repeat this on one more extra target as lengthy as eextremely previous hit is effective and they are within 5ft of you.

This weapon is additionally a +1 magic weapon and does an additional 2d6 damages to ghost-type adversaries.

Domaking use of Blade

This odd sword is made of a strange metal that takes on the properties of any blood it comes in contact with. Any time a creature is struck through a slashing or piercing attack, the blade will certainly absorb the properties of that creature, if acceptable. It will certainly never inherit properties that make it weaker and it have the right to just take on one residential property at a time. As shortly as a new compatible resource comes in contact with it, it will readjust. The table listed below are some examples of fusions.

Vampire1d4 life steal on hit
Poisonous SnakeDC8 Con Poichild on hit
GhoulDC8 Con Paralyzed on hit
Fire Mephit1d6 fire damage on hit
Frost Giant1d6 cold damage on hit

Simple Melee WeaponsNameCostDamageWeightProperties
Ranged Weapons
 Light Crossbow25 gp1d8 piercing5 lb.Range (80/320), loading, two-handed
 Heavy Crossbow50 gp1d10 piercing12 lb.Range (100/500), heavy, two-handed
 Repeater Crossbow200gp1d10 piercing18 lb.Range (80/320), heavy, two-handed
Throwing Weapons
 Smoke Bomb50gp1 lb.
 Rfinishing Bomb50gp6d6 piercing1 lb.
 Flashburst Bomb50gp1 lb.
Gear & Gadgets
 Angry Rodent™50gp4d6 blunt1 lb.
 Caltrops (x10)2gp1 piercing2 lb.
 Magnifying Glass70gp
 Blast Hook (w/3 caps)100gp1d8 piercing2 lb.
 Blast Caps10gp
 Eyes of the Bat200gp1 lb.
 Eyes of the Owl200gp1 lb.
 Clockjob-related Reincarnation*500gp1 lb.


Clockwork-related Reincarnation

For a nominal fee, a gemstone of power, and an intact brain, Fritz Von Weerg deserve to reincarnate a deceased character as a clockwork-related being. The creature will certainly have actually all the very same characteristics and abilities, however will certainly lose all original racial abilities and also get those of the Warforged race rather.

Ranged Weapons

Repeating Crossbow

Carries the stats of a consistent heavy crossbow via the exception that it does not should refill for 5 consecutive shots.

Throwing Weapons

Smoke Bomb

When lit, this grenade begins to emit a big cloud of thick smoke in a 20ft radius. Anyone inside the smoke suffers the result of blindness without the blind-sense capacity.

Rfinishing Bomb

This brutal explosive maims it"s victims by showering them via metal shrapnel. Anyone captured in the 10ft radius blast takes 6d6 piercing damage on a failed Dex conserve (DC12). Those that pass take just half damages.

Sunburst Bomb

Loaded with flashing powder, when this grenade goes off, all creatures in a 20ft radius are inflicted with blindness on a failed Con conserve (DC12). For eincredibly revolve tright here after the creature may attempt to reroll the save. After detocountry, this grenade offers off the results of the Light spell for 1 round.

Gear & Gadgets

Angry Ratkin

Packed through explosive powder, this bit wind up toy mouse have the right to travel as much as 100 feet before going off. Anyone recorded in the 10ft radius blast takes 4d6 blunt damage on a failed Dex conserve (DC12). The user has full regulate of the distance traveled, yet it can only move in a directly line.

Blast Hook

This explosive powered grappling hook is Popov"s the majority of genius creation. Upon firing, it permits the user to hook a rope on to any surconfront up to 30ft amethod. Given the power of the firing mechanism it can pierce via the majority of surencounters and also even deals 1d8 piercing damage if hitting a creature.

Given its light weight style, this gadget have the right to be supplied as bonus activity or a reactivity. The just short-loss is that each swarm needs a blast cap to fire. The initial item comes via 3 and even more can be purchased.

Eyes of the Bat

While wearing these dark lenses, you have actually Darkvision out to a variety of 60 feet. If you already have actually Darkvision. wearing the goggles rises its variety by 60 feet.

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Eyes of the Owl

These Crystal lenses fit over the eyes. While wearing them, you deserve to view much much better than normal out to a selection of 1 foot. You have benefit on Investigation checks that rely on sight while searching an area or researching a things within that variety.