At dry & Dye we have a arsenal of knowledgeable stylists that specialization in wedding and also event services . We occupational to develop a ‘day of’ setting that permits our experts to supply efficient planning and scheduling, preparedness and quality styling and also makeup application. We depend on knowledgeable and experienced stylists as soon as booking these types of solutions in order to ensure a smooth procedure that pipeline our clients feeling confident in ours capabilities. Experience permits our stylists to prepare for every sorts of unforeseen circumstances, if still taking a thoughtful technique to your hairstyling and also makeup application needs- which provides our clients a much needed minute to be safe on their huge day .

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Kristin B. Was amazing! She outdid herself through my hair and also the day If was somehow even better than the trial! She listens to any type of concerns friend have and also works fine to assist you pinpoint her vision and also make that a reality! extremely recommend!!
Marissa from curl Up and also Dye is delightful to work with. Ns booked my wedding at the last minute, and she was so accommodating. The psychological was an excellent and most importantly, the work of hair and makeup was amazing. She make me look favor heightened v...
ersion of myself. I got so countless compliments. She additionally did the hair and/or makeup because that my mom and also bridesmaids. Marissa managed her time well and made everyone feeling comfortable. I highly reccomed her.
I've complied with Kristen to a few different salons, including this one, and was so happy she was accessible for mine wedding. She walk hair for 8 of us for one 11am wedding and also we all looked *amazing*. My assembly artist also asked for her info since e...
verything came out therefore well. Ns felt beautiful, and also Kristen is just a lovely human being to have around :-) give thanks to you!
Since my wedding to be destination, I had to take trip to Newport a pair of times to work on the planning. I uncovered Curl up and also Dye shop online and made species to have my hair trial excellent there, my contact was Jess. She i ordered it for an additional g...
irl named Jess to perform my hair and also for Jeremy rock to perform my makeup. Ns LOVED them, they both had amazing personalities and also believe it or not, fifty percent the reason I determined them was because they were so calming to be around, something a bride demands the morning that the wedding! lock both listened to what ns wanted and delivered perfectly. My bridal party and also Mother supplied them as well and had nothing yet amazing things to say. I originally was weary around the surname of the salon however I am so glad i didn't let that stand in the way. Jeremy and Jess to be absolutely perfect and also I am so glad I supplied them. I very highly recommend utilizing Curl up and also Dye because that your large day.
I found Curl increase & Dye top top and used them for my bridal hair and make up. My consist of came out AWESOME! however I was not happy with my hair. Ns was very disappointed through the time management skills. Castle only had ONE girl to execute hair fo...

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r 5 of us and also she walk not manage her time well at all. Together the bride, ns spent less time in the chair 보다 my bridesmaids (and the bridal hair was still much more $$!!!!) and was rushed out of my meeting becuase the hairdresser had actually an just arrive appointment. I left the salon no happy with just how my hair looked and an extremely upset that I want to make changes to mine hair yet could no becuase the haridresser started working on her customer. Everything settled fine in the end but if her a bride i wouldnt recommend this salon.

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