Any reviewer will tell you the the funny of Cultist Simulator is the mystery. The obscure mechanics and also gradual procedure of exploration are exactly what do the game such one evocative simulation the delving into the chthonic civilization of esoteric knowledge. When true, what they nothing tell girlfriend is that you can also get quickly frustrated managing the game’s earlier, more mundane tasks. Cultist Simulator is just one of the couple of games whereby you can starve to death in the first ten minutes from pure ignorance.

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Whether you are brand brand-new to the video game or simply someone who googled ‘Cultist Simulator Tips’ after staring blankly at its digital table, this overview is for folks who desire a softer landing when they’re obtaining started, yet don’t desire the cool stuff later on spoiled. Feel cost-free to stop reading as soon as you think friend have sufficient to obtain going on your own!


The most important ascendancy is this: pause the game. Don’t leave the timers to run while you are trying to number out what to do. Run time with a purpose and keep monitor of whatever that is happening. Prevent time once you need to examine up on something, review some tooltip text, or sort your cards. It’s simple to gain pulled into a complex task without realizing something destructive is about to happen.

This deserve to be difficult because the playing ar is bigger than you might expect, specifically on a tablet. Once you pause, be certain to zoom out and check the state of every your activity timers, and make certain no unexpected new ones have actually appeared. In addition to your conventional Actions prefer Work, Study, and Dream, temporary ones will certainly appear and are regularly an emergency you’ll desire to resolve right away, choose Sickness.


The most crucial one to save track of is Time Passes, which consumes one money every minute and also spits the end a new Season the keeps points interesting. As soon as Time finishes Passing, stop the game and also check what new hell has actually been dealt to girlfriend so friend can try to take it on. As soon as you are acquainted with the Seasons, you have the right to preview the one top top deck by opened the action, giving you a possibility to arrangement ahead.

Daily life

Your very first priority is to get the Funds that are vital to feed the moment Passes timer. For this task of food the Work action is what you need. Each of your basic resources, Passion, Reason, and Health, have the right to feed Work. Using wellness will spit out a single Fund for menial labor, to add a Vitality. Passion lets you shot painting, which is unreliable in regards to Funds and also generates mystique that may be used versus you however is an excellent for your psychological health. The many reliable is using reason to acquire an office job. This generates a steady stream of Funds, but the task card will certainly decay, for this reason you have to show up to work-related constantly. This will continuously occupy the job-related action, preventing you from utilizing it because that anything else. It’s tough to it is in a cult leader when you have actually a job job.

Mental health

After going destitute the following easiest method to prematurely finish your life together a understand of secrets is by walk mad. There room a couple of cards you’ll desire to keep track of here. Dread is one you’ll pick up frequently, and if the Despair action appears on the table it will draw Dread into it—three Dread will end the game. Contentment is what you should counteract that, and also the easiest way to attain it is to usage a fund on Sleep come buy opium. Painting likewise generates Contentment top top occasion, and also painting have the right to consume the Restlessness cards prior to they degeneration into Dread too. Fascinating is the contrary of Dread and also accumulating 3 of those can also doom you come madness. Luckily you deserve to actually use Dread come consume Fascination with Sleep. Dream is likewise the action you’ll use to care for her mundane health, help you clear any Afflictions v Funds (medicine) or Vitality.



One the your very first projects have the right to be upgrading her Abilities. Every three straightforward Abilities have an advance that you have the right to Study two of to offer said capacity a boost. 2 Vitality it s okay you much more Health, a pair the Eruditions acquire Reason and a pair Glimmerings network Passion. Studying any type of of your basic Abilities will gain you the development cards, yet there are plenty the other means too, so save your eye peeled. Each additional level will take more and better Advancement cards.

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Baby’s first cult

Eventually you’ll pick up your very first piece of Lore, probably from reading a publication you yes, really shouldn’t have. These are the color-coded cards with inscrutable descriptions that are your very first step to the deeper mysteries. Among the very first things you deserve to do with Lore that you might not have actually thought that is put it top top the speak action. This sends you out proselytizing come the streets and also will probably get you a new Acquaintance that deserve to easily come to be your an initial cult member.

That must be enough to store you play for your first hour without dice in a gutter. After the you’re on her own. I are afraid I have actually written too lot of the deeper mysteries already. Remember: “The wood grows approximately the walls of the Mansus. As any student of backgrounds knows, the Mansus has actually no walls.”

Do you have any tips or tip for acquiring through the early stages that Cultist Simulator? permit us recognize in the comments!