I have been a customer for years I simply bought a brand-new phone that is no much longer being produced and also its just a few months old(1st) The display protection i bought that they installed is currently pulling off and also they wont fix it. Time also look else where.

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This firm really acquire ZERO stars This is a really bad firm my phone always lose signal I referred to as customer company twice about it quiet nothing has adjusted with my organization I ordered two phone gadgets online the cancelled mine order and it’s been two months and also they still have actually not reimbursed me mine money castle are really inconsiderate and also rude and keep providing me the run around very poor customer business people she it is in treated better when it involves business and also being much more professional

Im only doing 4 stars simply bc ns was fee sales taxes on a $600 phone when it was only a $400 phone the I had purchased.

Great experience. Cassie was great. Really professional. Worked really hard to resolve worries my sister-in-law to be having. We left store very satisfied customers.

I would need to disagree on terrific Service.. Anytime ns leave my inhabitants I have actually no organization on my phone .. It’s been over 3 months due to the fact that this problem started. Very first , i tried come ask because that some aid at this save , yet every time ns go to that keep the employees simply want to get you out of there as rapid as they can . The pretty noticeable they don’t treatment to help. Second , I referred to as customer organization several times they can’t fix my difficulty . 3rd , I adjusted my call number and that didn’t settle my difficulty . Ultimately , i go come the cricket save again in person and also it’s the exact same crappy service with the same world . It would be really nice to figure out why i don’t have business , however no one v cricket seems to care . Ns wouldn’t introduce this phone organization to anyone .

Very poor, disgusting costumer service.I inquiry the prior lady to examine if my IMEI number was okay to use for a brand-new phone yet she said me the she no going to check it. I had an ext than one IMEI number on my iphone phone XS Max. All i asked was to watch if my various other IMEI number was good to use due to the fact that she had actually told me that my first one was associated to one more carrier, yet my phone was unlocked. It gets worst, i went under to keystone, and she looked that the other IMEI number and it to be all good to go, I gained a line.The worst thing that she go was referred to as me out on mine “DISABILITY”. Disgusting, i hope she gets fired. This taken place on may 11 at around 2 pm. She called me out on mine disability, i went out due to the fact that I to be sad come see human being like this. Please let them watch this. I’m disgusted.

Had no difficulties with cricket none in ~ all. Employee was so nice, knowledgeable,I would go back to cricket

Very crude individual, yelled at us because of her gift on having lunch break at 4pm. Unprofessional, had to walk to keystone store to have my issie resolved.

They said me come go online to prevent the 25 dollar upgrade fee and they have actually a larger selection. It was a lie. If the keep does now want me to shell out numerous hundred dollars file Ill take my service somewhere else. Cricket company is ok together an att sub carrier but the in human being customer organization is trash. Oh never go top top Sunday the equipment are constantly down for updates.

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The worker was an extremely friendly. He to be trying come be genuine helpful. Lock needed an additional person in there the day.

My dad and also my uncle went into this save today because we simply recently switched come cricket and there was a trouble with the phone. The trouble being we weren’t allowed to do calls for some odd reason. So when my dad and uncle go in, they to be denied client service and also were told come “just execute it themselves.”

This cricket wireless location holds the sweetest employess. That the only one i go come now. They assisted me a month before I obtained my phone come make certain I gained a an excellent one that fits me.