i think ns misunderstood validation rules, so ns answered the following difficulty creating a validation ascendancy that only applies if the insertion is different for what i write in the rule:

AND(ISBLANK( Account.Id ),OR( MailingPostalCode = Account.ShippingPostalCode ))I mean, if the insertion/update is correct, then do it, else display screen error message.

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The challenge has succeeded.

My question is, am i wrong or i should write in the validation preeminence the conditions where should"nt it is in accepted?

Here is the challenge

validation-rule trailhead developer
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inquiry Mar 1 "19 at 10:51

Héctor Cervera PanellaHéctor Cervera Panella
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According come the challenge

A contact with a MailingPostalCode that has an account and also does not enhance the connected Account ShippingPostalCode need to return through a validation error and not it is in saved.

The validation rule should ONLY use to contact records through an associated account. Contact records with no associated parent account can be included with any kind of MailingPostalCode value. (Hint: you can use the ISBLANK duty for this check)

the correct technique will be together follows:

AND(NOT(ISBLANK(Account.Id)) , NOT(ISBLANK(MailingPostalCode)) , NOT(ISBLANK(Account.ShippingPostalCode)), (MailingPostalCode != Account.ShippingPostalCode))Since, you require to examine all the empty entries for Account"s Id, ShippingPostalCode and Contact"s MailingPostalCode and also then validate if Contact"s MailingPostalCode != Account.ShippingPostalCode

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reply Mar 1 "19 in ~ 11:04

Santanu BoralSantanu Boral
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The exactly validation rule for the mentioned an obstacle is

AND( NOT(ISBLANK( AccountId )), MailingPostalCode Account.ShippingPostalCode)Validation dominance should examine for the problems that should"nt be accepted.

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reply Mar 1 "19 in ~ 10:59

Junaid p KhaderJunaid p Khader
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