Mid-Coast Maine has actually been a lengthy time destination of travelers – spring to suffer amazing loss colors, check out beautiful shorelines, take in the braided sea wait from a schooner, and also enjoy the quaint and idyllic nature of historical Camden & Rockport Maine.

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Where the mountains accomplish the sea, you’ll uncover some that the finest of what mid-coast Maine needs to offer in the communities of Camden, Rockport, Rockland, and Lincolnville. You’ll find Camden Hills State Park and Laite Memorial Beach. And also in the center of that all, you’ll uncover The country Inn at Camden Rockport.

Our nation inn has actually been serving the area because that over 60 years together a complete tourist destination. That is ours joy and also privilege to aid you endure the amazing edge of the earth that we call “home”.

And friend can speak to it “home” too with home-away-from-home comfort with the extr amenities the you’ve come to expect indigenous an east coast bed and also breakfast. 

We space so excited because that you to join us year-round in ~ our Camden Maine hotel. Our delicious country breakfast buffet will certainly be wait to greet you.



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Stay Small, continue to be Safe

As a small country inn, committed to prioritizing our guests’ safety and also comfort, guests can relax discovering our expert staff is going over and past to administer a safe and also clean setting for their stay.

Our cottages have actually outdoor gates for a an ext secluded stay, must you want extr privacy.

With a functional cancellation policy, guests can feel i was sure in plan their continue to be with us.

Close to numerous outdoor recreation locations in MidCoast Maine, our tiny inn is basic drive far from the area’s greatest attractions.

Day hikes, boat tours, and much more are component of the attraction of the MidCoast Maine region, and The nation Inn is conveniently located, offering a quiet respite from the day’s activities.

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Central come the Maine Coast

Located whereby the mountains satisfy the sea is the finest that mid-coast Maine needs to offer. You’ll gain the beautiful background and ease of access to mount Battie from the Camden Hills State Park, the seashore come explore and feel the ocean spray on your face from Laite Memorial Beach, and the beautiful towns of Camden, Rockport, and also Lincolnville. 

One of ours – and our guests’ – favourite things about our place right turn off of U.S. Course 1 is the proximity to so many an excellent attractions, restaurants, events, and things to do in Camden, Rockport, and also Rockland. These room idyllic East coastline towns, with historic tours and also homes, and that Atlantic coastline town suffer that you mean while in Maine.

From Laite Memorial Beach, you’ll enjoy experimenting the coastline, participating in a schooner tour, or maybe taking a dip in the chilly Atlantic waters.

And you’ll love the access to the roll hills in Camden Hills State Park, wherein you have the right to hop top top a follow to discover Mount Battie or gain a picturesque journey to the summit.

Central to the finest of mid-coast Maine, the country Inn is a an excellent home-base, with a home-away-from-home feel.

Country simplicity. Comfort. Home-away-from-home feel. Every of the 47 rooms and cottages at country Inn were designed specifically to market our guests the comforts of home with the luxury and also comfort the a coastal bed and also breakfast.

You’ll discover our 36 rooms and also suites in the main residence are open up year-round – including handicap accessible rooms, fireplace suites, and also pet-friendly rooms. The 11 cottages room open may through October – including Jacuzzi, fireplace, and pet-friendly cottages.

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We market different types of rooms to fit our guests’ needs, indigenous romantic getaways for couples to family members vacations, from lengthy term service stays to family reunions, from girlfriends’ weekends to soaking up the sites of the season top top the shore.