With the exception of a few minor hiccups in their discography, Corrosion the Conformity have actually the unique legacy of making influential, if no all-together legendary, albums in many genres. Your resume is a mile long, and also for the many part, each album has actually its own bangers and also borderline cult followings, also the people that autumn a little much shorter than others. Everyone has actually their favorite, and also their early catalog is normally the hot selection for most. And for an excellent reason--those records are timeless. However one album of theirs that seems to always fall with the cracks came not in the 80"s or 90"s, during their proverbial heyday(s), yet in the mid-2000"s. An album without legendary drummer Reed Mullin. An album the signaled the end of Pepper Keenan"s joining in the tape (for the moment being, as we uncovered out), and the standing of the band as a whole thrown into the air. An album that, come this reviewer, is not only their best work, but one of the finest albums of the previous quarter century, if no longer: "In The eight Of God", Corrosion of Conformity"s magnum opus. And also today, fifteen year to the day due to the fact that the relax of the album, its an ext than earned its minute of glory. An initial off, a disclaimer: the word RIFF is going come be offered often, there is no shame. Deal with it. If you understand Corrosion, this must come together zero surprise. The album"s opener, "Stonebreaker", kicks off with a bluesy, almost ethereal intro the would provides likes that Pink Floyd and Deep purple proud, directly into one of those calling-card southerly riffs that CoC has end up being famous for. And also then you"re swung ~ above by another Iommi-esque riff. And also another riff soon after. One tune in, and also it"s a bonafide factory of crush. "Paranoid Opioid" fires up next with a chugging, swinging, headtrip of a jam. In lieu the Mullin"s absence, this album is graced by Stanton Moore on the kit, and also this song reflects Moore"s chops off beautifully. Acquisition absolutely nothing far from Reed (RIP), a legend by all rights, Moore do this document his bitch, and also "Paranoid Opioid" to be the first sign of his true prowess. Complying with this is "It Is that Way", crawling in with another one the those slow, nodding, soulful riffs. Pepper"s vocals soar end the whiskey-drenched bars, and in addition to Woody Weatherman, offer those guitars a second voice every their very own alongside his own. "Dirty Hands north Pockets / currently Gone" is increase next, and Mike Dean come in bright on the bass, laying under low, funk-based lines when Pepper spits borderline spoken-word over peak of them, all before the foot hits the gas, and you"re all of sudden going 120mph on the backroads, in true CoC fashion. Up next is the darker, swampier, practically voodoo-laced "Rise flow Rise", finish with acoustic guitars, mournful howls indigenous Pepper, an practically suspenseful cadence indigenous Moore, and an all at once atmosphere the screams bayou. It practically feels like something you"d intend to hear on the banks of the cemetery-flanked Nola channels. Something that have to be stated is the really clear Led Zeppelin affect in this album, much more than any of that is predecessors. I say this now, due to the fact that it"s below that we reach the eight-minute "Never turns To More", i m sorry is Corrosion the Conformity"s "Achilles last Stand" to me. CoC"s complete musical ability on display screen like never before. This is the apex of exactly how talented these guys really are. Every single piece that the puzzle fits perfectly. The riffs, the drums, the bass, the atmosphere, the progression, the peaks and valleys, you surname it. This is masterful. You feel this song. It"s one experience, and the highlight of the album for me. You can ask how that deserve to be adhered to up, particularly halfway v the album. The answer? "Infinite War", a three and also a half minute churning neckbuster, especially designed to traction you out of the clouds and face-first right into the dirt. Woody throws down some vocals on this one, and it just gives it a rusty, knuckle-cracking feeling. Full beefcake, begin to finish. "So lot Left Behind" trods increase behind, marching in with an additional Zeppelin-esque crawler, giving this reviewer "Kashmir" vibes, in the best means possible. A pointer of the cap, and also a bang that the head, come say the least. Perfect done. "The Backslider" is increase next, floating in with another CoC/Sabbath/bluesy-boozy riff. This screams "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" era Sabbath, through that CoC flare welding the cracks together. It"s another example that Corrosion the Conformity act what they perform best, come the best of your ability. Simply a diamond of a song. "World ~ above Fire" complies with up with an additional full-throttle, shooting on all cylinders, turn off to the fucking races item of southern steel glory. One of those licks that renders you want to stomp her gas pedal with the pavement. You even get a slight sheep of Joe Walsh worship in the direction of the end of it, another perceived classic shoutout. It fades out into "Crown the Thorns", the slowest piece on the album. An acoustic piece at simply over two and also a fifty percent minutes, it"s a an extremely 70"s piece that"s equal components spacey and smokey, choose the soundtrack come a share lit top top a wood porch at night, staring at the moon, half drank party at your side. The paints a picture, plain and simple. Out of the haze, you ultimately hit the album"s closer, and also title track, "In The eight Of God", the goes complete crescendo v drums, guitar, and bass producing a wicked, anticipatory pulse the builds to one of the hardest, ugliest riffs ~ above the entire album, all yet assuring your regional chiropractor a sweet payday indigenous the onset. Chaotic, complete force, in her face. A little much more than halfway through, it gives you a couple of seconds come breath through a well-placed interlude, before bringing the riffs back a hundred-fold, with one more contender for "Riff of the Album", slamming you with nothing brief of a sludge-driven tombstone piledriver. Hands down, it"s one of the finest ending tracks of any album, and caps turn off "In The arms Of God", both song and also record, in epos fashion, leaving you craving more. Production-wise, this is far and away the best Corrosion the Conformity has ever sounded. Nothing is drown out. Every ingredient come the formula is right there, no overshadowed by any kind of other. The guitars room tight, the base is clear, the north punch. The cleanest they"ve ever sounded, bar-none. In songs favor "Never transforms To More", "So lot Left Behind", "Paranoid Opioid", and the title monitor itself, this is much more evident 보다 most, with the more-complex track structures not falling apart with the lose of one of the pieces. They never autumn at all. Much from it. There isn"t a monitor on this album the isn"t all-together "there". Not a twitch in the system. Pepper Keenan to be quoted at the start of the year as saying this record was "the best thing I"ve ever before done". I couldn"t agree v him more. This is an absolute masterpiece, and also criminally overlooked in the big picture. With those classic albums forever taking the spotlight, "In The eight Of God" take away a backseat a good amount of the time. And while those albums worthy every little bit of credit they get, this album deserves a mountain of praise and also then some. That isn"t just a sludge/southern/stoner album. It"s much more diverse, deep, and also expansive 보다 that. This is rock and fucking role at an upstream level the very few have touched. "In The eight Of God" brings aspects of the legends of yesteryear come the table from begin to finish, when dosing each giving with CoC"s patented venom they"ve perfected end the years. Fifteen years later, it"s the much more evident exactly how incredible that is. It"s aged favor expensive whiskey.

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It proceeds to was standing the test of time. This is Corrosion that Conformity at your absolute ideal in every aspect.