There are countless instances when dates and times execute not show up in the format you desire it come be, nor does a query calculation fit the needs of the viewers. There are several SQL Server’s built-in features to format the date string according to your need however for the string come be interpreted by SQL Server and to protect against conversion errors it must be in a suitable format. When we try to transform date or time from character string adhering to error arises sometimes. “Conversion failed when converting day and/or time from personality string.”

Figure 1: day and/or time counter error native the character string

The error mentioned above normally arises as soon as the date literal is not proper and also cannot be convert from the string right into DateTime or date. This error results because of a number of reasons, which us will discuss in detail in addition to the equipment set.

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Example 1:

Here in the example below we deserve to see that the provided date cable is in the dorn format. First, the is providing the month, climate days and at critical year i beg your pardon is wrong and also cannot be interpreted by SQL Server which outcomes in an error. The correct format for UK style day conversion making use of “103” day style is “dd/mm/yyyy”.

Wrong Format:

date_time_value, 103) together UK_Date_Time_Style

Figure 2: Wrong date Format bring about an error

Correct Format:

The British and French date format is 103 = “dd/mm/yyyy” or 3=” dd/mm/yy”. Right here 103 and also 3 are day styles.

date_time_value, 103) together Date_Time_Style

Figure 3: Correct date Format v “dd/mm/yyyy” British/ French date styleDeclare
date_time_value, 3) as UK_Date_Time_Style
Figure 4: Correct date Format through “dd/mm/yy” British/ French date style

Example 2:

Sometimes string to day conversion in SQL server results in error, not since of the date or time layouts used, quite it’s due to the fact that you’re attempting to keep incorrect information that’s not acceptable come the scheme.

Wrong Date:

The reason for the adhering to error is mere that in the year 2019 there is no such day as “29 February” because it is not a leap year.

date_time_value together datetime2) together date_time_value

Figure 5: Error increased as 2019 is not a leap year, so that does not have actually 29 Feb together date

Correct One:

date_time_value together datetime2) as date_time_value
In UK style it is understood as “8th of in march 2018”In European layout it is taken as “3rd of respectable 2018”

date_time_value,126) together

Figure 7: worldwide Standard ISO 8601 day format


Hopefully, this post will aid to relieve the confusion I have typically seen in the community about date/time values. However, the is encourage that never store days in text-type (varchar, char, nvarchar, nchar,or text) always store date value in DATE, DATETIME and preferably DATETIME2 (provides more precision) kind columns and, leaving the day information formatting come the user user interface layer rather of being retrieved from the database.

by Sadia MajeedSeptember 6, 2020
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