ColourPop You had actually Me in ~ Hello is a limited edition eye palette that retails because that $18.00 and contains 0.48 oz.

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Highly pigmented zero that uses evenly and also feels ultra-velvety and silky. This lengthy wearing formula has a unique combination of softer flour which adheres easily to the eyes, provides a soft emphasis effect, and also blends smoothly and also evenly.

The Good: easy To apply (2), Long-wearing (2), Easy-to-Use (2), great Gift (2), great Value (2), versatile (2), Buttery (1), Creamy (1), Travel-friendly (1)

The In-Between: highly Pigmented (2), Buildable (1)

The Bad: Powdery (1)

By Lia 9 month ago.

I certain love this palette! I’ve had actually it because that a couple of years now and also the colors room beautiful and vibrant, the formula is soft and also pigmented without much fallout, and it blends well. My most used shades space The Knot, Moon Struck, and also DTR. I’m absolutely obsessed through the shadow formula, it’s simply amazing. I constantly use a primer due to the fact that my eyelids space oily, however it doesn’t wear off an ext than typical for me. I’d definitely recommend this for someone that desires to try more colorful looks with the warmth berry tones but additionally wants the versatility of having actually neutral shades. Ns wish they’d carry this palette back because ns love the shade story therefore much and also want rather to try it!

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