is committed to providing innovative design solutions through the goal of bettering communities. Our multi-discipline approach enables for the effective completion of jobs through skilled staff who emphasis on customer communication. Us collaborate. We commit. We develop communities.

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Engineering places emphasis on neighborhood relationships to aid us architecture solutions that create stronger communities. Ours engineering and also surveying solutions are continuous evolving with renovations in technology, the industry, and each local environment.


Just as each customer is unique, so are’s remedies to their engineering needs. Our primary focus is ~ above communication, the an essential to understanding project purposes and setup expectations.


We believe that the world that make up our team space’s most valuable asset and also emphasize their experienced and personal growth. We are always seeking brand-new talent to sign up with our team to assist us carry out exceptional organization to ours clients.

Our Services

To much better serve our clients, we market a wide-variety of engineering choices to sell the best solutions possible.


About is a local, local and country top-ranked for sure providing expert civil engineering and also land surveying services. Our founders, Mr. John ‘Odis’ Cobb and Mr. Wilhelm Fendley collection us ~ above a route of sustained expansion that has guided the for sure to lure top talent and also loyal clients who have concerned trust together a quality-based remedies provider.’s existence spans multiple states with offices and also licensed personnel living and working in the neighborhoods we serve.

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Connect on LinkedIn was created in Texas in 1980 to provide professional engineering and also land surveying services. Founders man ‘Odis’​ Cobb and also William Fendley have seen thrive into a top-ranking firm …

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