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The Sewershed monitoring Project

* is participating in The Sewershed monitoring Project, a collaborative effort between Missouri DHSS, Missouri DNR, and Mizzou. Wastewater samples are gathered and COVID viral pack is tested in the accumulated sample. Our results and also results from throughout the State deserve to be found here.

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Unclaimed property Report

Click the link listed below to review the Unclaimed residential or commercial property Report.

Unclaimed home Report

Copper Piping

Are you still utilizing old, outdated copper lines for your natural gas system? see why it"s time to do a readjust at the connect below.

Copper Piping Website

Public Notice

Fire Hydrant inspection & MaintenanceApril 1 - October 31

The City that Kennett will begin its yearly fire hydrant inspection, maintenance and flushing regimen on April 1st and will proceed through respectable 30th. Inspection, maintenance and also testing hours will be Monday–Thursday 8am come 4:30pm. There will be no work performed Friday’s or weekends. Every fire hydrants will be inspected within the City the Kennett. Because of the intricacy of this project and the size of ours water device itis very daunting to identify which day trial and error will be conducted in a particular area.

The inspection, maintenance and also flushing that fire hydrants is required by the Missouri room of organic Resources and also the Insurance business Office (ISO). Water quality & security is our primary reason because that the flushing program. Flushing hydrants will likewise meet ISO requirements to assist lower fire insurance allowance costs. Hydrant flushing offers your neighborhood fire room the expertise base required for general water volumes available, firefighting operations and whether there are any major flow changes. Hydrant maintenance is vital to fire suppression and also the defense of life and also property.

How may this process affect you?

You may an alert a drop in water pressure during testing and the water may also become slightly discolored after testing. If you suffer discolored water, you may wish to run water native one or much more faucets for a couple of minutes until the water is clean again and you might wish to carry out so before cooking, bathing or washing laundry. The discolored water is nonhazardous but can stain clothing. If her water does no clear in ~ 24 hours, please call City irradiate Gas & Water, 573-888-5366. You can also visit ours Water Treatment page for additional information ~ above discolored water.

The Kennett plank of Public works would like to thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience with us throughout this operation, together we space working to maintain the level of water quality & fire security that girlfriend deserve and also expect.

If you have any additional questions you re welcome feel free to contact City irradiate Gas & Water in ~ 573-888-5366.

Utility scam Factsheet

Scammers Target energy Customers

Scams targeting utility customers space on the rise, according to reports throughout the nation. Municipal energy customers in Missouri space included among those gaining recent fraudulent calls indigenous scammers threatening power shutoffs, demanding prompt payments, or requesting personal information. warns customers the they have to never give an individual or financial information to one unsolicited caller. will certainly never demand immediate payment end the phone.

Signs that you are dealing with a scammer

Utility companies, customer protection agencies, and also the Federal profession Commission regularly obtain complaints from consumers about utility bill scams. Below are some indications to beware that when dealing with an unknown caller:

• You gain a contact or an email claiming your solutions will be cut off unless you speak to a number or click on a link and also give her account information. will never ask you to send her account info by email.• who calls demanding your wire the money or usage a prepaid or reloadable debit/gift card to pay your bill. Legitimate service providers don’t demand you usage those techniques of payment.• The caller tells you to contact a phone number and also give your credit, debit or prepaid map number. If you do that, the scammer can access the money from your credit, debit or prepaid card, and also you can’t trace where her money went. Once it’s gone, that gone.If you obtain a call, email, or an individual visit indigenous someone about your energy service:• Never provide out her Social protection Number, credit card number or banking information to everyone requesting it over the call or in ~ your residence unless you initiated the contact.• never wire money to someone you nothing know-regardless that the situation. Once you cable money, you can’t acquire it back.• do not click web links or call numbers that appear in unforeseen emails or texts-especially those questioning for your account information. If you click on a link, your computer system could end up being infected through malware, including viruses that can steal information and damage your computer.• Never enable anyone into your home to examine electrical wiring, gas pipe or appliances uneven you schedule an appointment or reported a utility problem. Always ask utility employees for proper identification.• Make sure you are dealing with prior to you pay any type of amount. Confirm where and how you salary your utility bill.• To determine the condition of her account speak to our office in ~ 888-5366 Monday through Friday indigenous 8:00 to be to 5:00 pm, or visit ours website and also use the Pay my Bill attach for account information.

If you think a fake energy bill collector or any other scammer has contacted you, report the contact:

• educate• speak to the police.• file a complaint through the Missouri lawyer General’s consumer Protection Division, digital at or through phone in ~ 1-800-392-8222. Be prepared to include in your complaint any notices got or caller id numbers because that the just arrive call.*From MPUA windy Outreach Resources*

Levelized Billing available at

Starting might 1, 2014 will sell Levelized Billing to its customers. We will use your previous 12 months usage to calculate her monthly payment and include 5% to assist cover the possibility of greater bills as result of extreme weather. Customers will certainly be compelled to "true up" at the finish of each year, which method we will write you a examine for any type of overpayments or invoice for underpayment. In order to qualify for equal pay, customers must satisfy the following requirements: • need to be a customer because that a year at the very same location. • Not more than two payments past the due date in the critical 12 months • No returned checks in the critical 12 month • No non-pay disconnect in the last 12 month • Must set up auto-payment via ACH, Debit or credit Cards If you have any type of questions, speak to our office in ~ 573-888-5366.

Now agree Credit/Debit Cards currently accepts Visa, MasterCard and also Discover Credit and Debit cards. You have the right to pay through a inspect or credit/debit card online, in the office, in ~ the journey thru and also over the phone.

Water line Insurance

Several customers have reported receiving water line insurance offers. We desire all our customers to recognize that this is not linked with Please comment on this market with her insurance agent.


Signup because that ACH payments or paperless billing in the office for a opportunity to success a $50 utility bill credit. One winner will be drawn each month.

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