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*scratching*"Like this and also choose that""Like this and also favor that"Chorus: Carnival Beats"It's favor this and choose thatThe hood gained my backYeah, I'm making paper stacks, slangin' masa like crack""Yeah, I'm making paper stacks""Yeah, I'm making paper stacks""Yeah, I'm making paper stacks, slangin' masa prefer crack"Repeat ChorusThey say you never been caughtBoy, you have to be lucky...But don't go barking by my ties, you much better hush, puppyThey never before catch us all (Nope)It'll never sheight (Nope)Anytime, any type of corner, baby, I'm a collection up shopAs lengthy as the trunk go popAs long as the trunk openI'm a secure be servin' them, boy, my hustler watercraft ain't brokenFlip itFlip itFlip it even more than Burger KingWe Houston's distributionWe be servin' thangsThe job-related is smuggled in my substantial belt buckleThe border obtained a fence, however we dug underground tunnelsWe packed a fill 2 trucks on a roadSo if they speak the initially one, we lose half a load (Zim-zimma)Got ostrich seats in my beamerI'm a rep it for my people, you deserve to put that on SelenaAnd ideal nowThey gained us cleaning up KatrinaYo, Kanye, Bush don't prefer Mexicans either
Repeat Chorus Twice(Verse 2) Stacks, rubberband' em, tamales, I Soundscan themSo following yearI could pull up in a brown phantomThey boys can't stand him cause he also, too, flashyWent fromAshy to classy, to downappropriate nasty There he goOh, he <*fuckin'*> jacked Boy, I wish you wouldMonte Carlo grippin' hardwood, very same color as ese bloodSlabs on drivemeans to make 'em say "Ay guey!"Pass ya on the highway, from viejas, from to MySpaceMouth wide open, tongue hangin' like a pervertWhen they see the well-off Skittles, chain lookin' prefer some sherbertI offered the maza just to view exactly how the paper feelDavid Copperfield couldn't cop a much better record dealRepeat Chorus TwiceLatelyI been havin' affluent people problemsI made another couple million, hopin' that will settle 'emPromiseLookin' like I jacked your favorite rap starWillie's chain, Paul's grills, Puff's home and also Slim's carThey lookin' at me like"Where in the <*fuck*> they uncovered him?""Whoever the <*fuck*> signed himI bet that they gon' fire him"But it's main, Big Chile/AsylumYou recognize the three digits *Carnival Beats scratching*You much better dial himRepeat Chorus Twice

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*scratching*"Chingo Bling, culero""The Ghetto Vaquero""Por favor, think it""Tamale Kingpin" --> Chingo Bling