When looking the web, i occasionally obtain redirected come "/cgi-bin/redirect.ha". Closing the web browser or flushing the cache appears to settle it sometimes, yet not always. Periodically I"ll see from Google:

Error 404. It is an error. The requested URL /cgi-bin/redirect.ha was not uncovered on this server. That’s all we know.

You are watching: /cgi-bin/redirect.ha

AT&T assistance was useless on addressing this issue.


This is a well-known bug in the Motorola NVG510 modem provided by AT&T U-Verse. It has actually nothing to perform with your computer system or browser, and it"s not a virus or abuse attack:

Basically, as soon as the NVG510 looses connection, quite than giving you one error blog post it redirects all traffic to "/cgi-bin/redirect.ha". For this reason visiting to "www.example.com/whatiwant/" return a redirect to "/cgi-bin/redirect.ha". The internet browser is free to cache such data, and also may do specifically that. Hence you kind of randomly finished up v "redirect.ha" even after her modem retains connection.


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