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trident-gaming.net is a national nonprofit organization. Our review Rating offers a picture of school quality based upon the following measures. Learn much more about trident-gaming.net Ratings and also why we changed them.

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trident-gaming.net is a national nonprofit organization. Our review Rating offers a photo of college quality based on the following measures. Learn an ext about trident-gaming.net Ratings and why we adjusted them.
The check Score Rating reflects state check scores for this school compared with typical statewide scores.
The academic Progress Rating helps measure how much students discover in a year, compared to their peers throughout the state.
The equity Rating indicates how well this school is serving disadvantaged students compared to various other schools in the state.

Students at this school are making average academic progress indigenous one grade come the next compared to students at other schools in the state.

Average progress with short test scores means students are beginning at a low suggest but are proceeding at around the same rate as their peers at various other schools in the state.

trident-gaming.net scholastic Progress Rating

The scholastic Progress Rating is a growth proxy rating based on a design using unmatched cohorts, or school-level data instead of student-level data. The academic Progress Rating was produced using 2018 and also 2019 California assessment of student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) data native California department of Education, and using 2018 demographic data indigenous CA Dept. The Education.

Source: trident-gaming.net; this rating to be calculated in 2019 | view more: around this rating

advanced courses find out much more about why STEM coursework is so crucial for today's students." class="gs-tipso" href="javascript:void(0)">
advanced STEM coursework in middle school can help set your college student up because that success in high school. Uncover out more.

Algebra 1 is typically offered as an progressed math course for students in center school (it's a standard math class in high school). When participation is shown as 0%, or other info is missing in our display, it's most likely since this college either go not offer Algebra 1 to its 8 hours grade students. It may additionally be the the lacking data to be not consisted of in the federal Civil civil liberties Data collection (CRDC). (See "Sources" for an ext information.) Note: while schools have the right to offer Algebra 1 in 7th or 8 hours grades, we space displaying 8th grade Algebra 1 participation and also pass rate information only, since the CRDC data collection did not include pass rate details for 7th great students.

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