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examine Abroad

The world Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department offers numerous study abroad opportunities throughout the year. Studying in an additional country - even if it is you room there because that a few weeks, a semester, or a complete year- is so much an ext than simply being a tourist. Abroad study is an opportunity for you to acquire valuable, first-hand suffer that will certainly both enhance your opportunities of landing a job and also greatly broaden your career options.

As a significant in the school of Arts and Sciences, girlfriend will have the possibility to learn, because that example, around the history, economy, ecology, music, politics, indigenous cultures, human being rights, and also legal systems of various countries. You will have the opportunity to share concepts with scientists, activists, and also artists from around the world. Companion universities located in Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Spain bought the opportunity of perfecting language skills while suffering the aboriginal culture. Meeting local students and students indigenous other nations will provide you a new and more comprehensive global perspective.

Finding the right abroad programs for your major:

Research options for civilization Languages, Literatures, and also Cultures Department research abroadprograms: decide what sort of examine abroad regimen you great to participate in: full-year, one semester, or momentary course abroad. fulfill with your scholastic advisor to plan for the program. Pre-approval by your advisor and also department chair is forced to obtain credit in your major. fulfill with the International education and learning Coordinator to discuss the programs. Submit the application! Applications to partner university space due April 1st for fall semester or full-year, and also September 15 for the spring semester. Temporary courses abroad deadlines vary. perform some homework: study the location country, consisting of its history, culture, laws, social/moral codes, customs, and language.

How civilization Languages, Literatures, and also Cultures is taught abroad:

Language programs teach at among our companion universities are a combination of language, literature, and society courses. You are tested because that language ability when you arrive at the university and also are put in the suitable classes relying on your proficiency. Contact hours are carefully monitored and provided on you final transcript. If you room an progressed language student, you have the right to pick courses varying from local political issues to art.

When to walk abroad:

The world Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Curriculum allows you to examine abroad at any type of time throughout your scholastic career. provides two varieties of international experiences. Quick programs space led through a CSU professor come various worldwide locations, in an assortment the subjects. These courses take place throughout winter and also summer sessions, as well as spring break.

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The research Abroad program additionally offers students the opportunity to research at a partner university because that a semester or a full year.