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Looking because that a cheap flight? 25% of our users discovered flights on this path for $80 or much less one-way.Morning exit is roughly 56% an ext expensive than an evening flight, on average*.*Average of the shortest prices presented in’s search outcomes for departures within the following 30 days
Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights indigenous Cedar City to Salt Lake City due to COVID-19?
Delta has actually waived its readjust and cancellation fees top top flights native Cedar City to Salt Lake City. Confirm policy on booking site.

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How long does a flight from Cedar City come Salt Lake City take?
Nonstop flights from Cedar City usually make it come Salt Lake City in 1h 10m. The flying distance in between the two cities is 221 miles.

How many flights space there between Cedar City and Salt Lake City?
In typical times, a complete of 30 straight flights affix Cedar City come Salt Lake City weekly. Top top average, there are 4 departures per day.

Do I require a passport come fly in between Cedar City and Salt Lake City?
Even though you space not required to have a passport, save in mind that an official ID is required to plank the airplane.

Which airports will I it is in using as soon as flying from Cedar City to Salt Lake City?
Cedar City and also Salt Lake City space both served by 1 main airport. You will leave Cedar City indigenous Cedar City and will be showing up at Salt Lake City.

How go discover such short prices on flights indigenous Cedar City come Salt Lake City? is a take trip search engine. That method we look throughout the net to discover the ideal prices us can discover for our users. With over 2 billion trip queries processed yearly, we space able to display a selection of prices and choices on flights indigenous Cedar City come Salt Lake City.

How does's flight Price estimate tool help me select the right time to buy my flight ticket native Cedar City come Salt Lake City?’s trip Price forecast tool uses historic data to determine whether the price for a flight to Salt Lake City from Cedar City is most likely to adjust within 7 days, therefore travelers recognize whether come wait or publication now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights native Cedar City to Salt Lake City?
Hacker Fares permit you to incorporate one-way ticket in bespeak to save you money over a timeless round-trip ticket. You might then fly to Salt Lake City v an airline and earlier to Cedar City with another airline.

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What is's "flexible dates" feature and why must I treatment when trying to find a flight from Cedar City come Salt Lake City?
Sometimes travel days aren"t collection in stone. If your wanted travel days have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you every the choices when paris to Salt Lake City native Cedar City approximately 3 job before/after your wanted dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

It was tough to listen the PA announcements because that boarding. Maybe also post the details on the screen? Or allow the attendant come pull down his mask once speaking into the PA system?

It was difficult to hear the PA announcements because that boarding. Maybe also post the information on the screen? Or permit the attendant to pull under his mask when speaking right into the PA system?

Cons: "Wouldn't let us on the flight when there was plenty that time to obtain there. Manager to be arrogant and slow - didn't care. Negative policies at the airport."
Cons: "Less announcements around masks we get it us don’t need instructions on hand washing Drink business needed"
Cons: "So end gold fish and also biscoff cookies! I recognize with Covid that really influenced meal company but Delta’s meal business is pathetic!"
Cons: "I didn’t take it the flight. As result of a change in my post-flight quarantine lodging species in Salt Lake City, I essential to change the day of mine flight. Delta directed me come Aeromexico come make any type of changes. Aeromexico refused to enable any changes. So i was required to no take the flight and buy a brand-new ticket because that a later date."
Cons: "Informing the the flight would delayed by three hrs ahead the time would have actually been amazing. Instead of expanding the delay time every 45 min make us miss out on all the other avenues to fly out"
Pros: "The sanitizing of the plane was beyond expectations. The personal wipes were a plus for this reason we could clean the areas around our seats to our satisfaction. The individual snack bags are a great idea to minimization handling. The boarding behind to front should have been in place years earlier and the deplaning was around normal front come rear through distancing."
Pros: "I evaluate that Delta choose customer security over profit by not packing flights and also continuing to social distance."
Pros: "crew was exceptionally kind and helpful. Ns felt they really cleaned up, sanitized, even participated toilet clothes and also hand sanitizer come everyone."
Pros: "We were really efficiently boarded, but there was a mechanical problem. The trip attendants assisted every one understand where your connecting gates were, as we have specifically 9 minutes to make that connection."
Cons: "We were an extremely efficiently boarded, however there to be a mechanically problem. The trip attendants assisted every one recognize where their connecting gates were, together we have exactly 9 minutes to make that connection. Us would choose to give a shout out to the package team the were may be to deliver our bags in such a brief amount that time. And additionally to the mountain Jose flight that us did for four of us."
Cons: "Is a global flight and you males don't have actually a real meal. We evaluate the snacks but a genuine meal is necessary"
Cons: "No air conditioning in the airplane and we had actually to sit on the runway because that 25-30 minutes, very uncomfortable and also we weren’t preserved up top top what was going on. Crew acted favor they didn’t want to be there"
Pros: "The crew offered things specifically as scheduled. Castle went the end of their way to aid passengers individually."