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Microsoft is now enabling testers to accessibility a brand-new Xbox app for home windows that considerably improves the game install process from the home windows store. Together we reported previously this month, the updated app permits PC gamers to install title into any kind of folder the their selection with unrestricted accessibility to video game files.

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It’s an option that helps address many of the headaches of installing title from Xbox video game Pass because that PC, and also it should likewise mean friend can back-up game files and also restore castle if require be. Previously, Microsoft forced games come install right into a WindowsApps folder in ~ the source of a drive, and it was locked down so you couldn’t modify papers or freely move castle around.

You currently get alternatives to manage where gamings are installed to. The updated Xbox application now allows you select a location, and, if you have existing gamings installed, you can move lock onto second drives. I have tested the app and also successfully relocated Forza Horizon 5, Gears 5, and Microsoft trip Simulator onto second drives. I deserve to now fully access those files and folders, too.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users deserve to test the new Xbox app through the Xbox Insider Hub application from the store. You’ll require to sign up with the “Windows Gaming” preview in ~ the Xbox Insider Hub app to acquire the to update Xbox app. Microsoft does list a variety of known problems for this early on release though, including problems launching some gamings on exterior drives and also a variety of games the aren’t sustained yet.

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You also still can’t include games downloaded from the windows store into Steam, as there appears to be a permission issue preventing that. The Xbox app is still in preview, so that could be a bug that will certainly be addressed prior to it’s commonly available.

Either way, home windows store video game installs are finally getting an ext Steam-like, after year of issues and also bugs for computer users. If you’ve been preventing Xbox video game Pass because that PC because of the windows store, this brand-new Xbox application should eliminate some that the connected headaches.