We sell several different piercings for our underage clients. Our age variety begins in ~ 8 year old and also goes increase from there. We carry out require particular documentation per the State health and wellness Department. All clients MUST have a government issued ID. (Please see acceptableforms of to know below).

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All of our piercings room by hand through needle making use of brand brand-new sterile needles every time, disposable equipment, and also sterile tools. We usage 316L operation grade steel jewelry making every piece of jewel we usage hypoallergenic.

Our understand Piercer has over twenty years of suffer in the service as a piercer and also is classicly trained. Your kiddos room in an excellent hands. Inspect out the accessible piercings for children under 18. Because that a better understanding that the cartilage piercings, examine out the diagram below.

Ear Lobe Piercings

For eras 8 and up.

For kiddos that want to gain their very first ear lobe piercings orthose that space looking to get seconds or even thirds ;All of our piercings space done through needle and not through a gun. For youngsters under 10 years old we very recommend scheduling a cost-free piercing consult through our grasp Piercer. Throughout this consult, you and your boy will have an opportunity to see the piercing room, see the tools, see the jewelry, and also ask questions.

Cartilage Piercings (Helix)

For periods 13 and up.

For the much more adventurous young adult feather to acquire their first or an ext cartilage piercing(s), we sell the simple helix piercing. Check out diagram because that locations. Cartilage piercings take far greater care than a lobe piercing, therefore make sure that your kid is ready to make that commitment when deciding to get their an initial cartilage piercing.

Bellybutton (Navel)

For periods 13 and up.

Bellybutton or Navel piercings are the first in what we favor to call a huge kid piercing. This piercings take it even an ext care than a cartilage piercing with longer heal times but are a must have for the trendy teen. Navel piercings are taken into consideration a surface piercing as the barbell goes completely through numerous layers that dermis.

Nose (Nostril)

For eras 16 and up.

A nose piercing of any form is a large step in a teen's outside appearance gift an increase front and center form of piercing. The is pierced through the smallest gauge of body piercing jewelry so that it may remain a dainty piercing while allowing them to be pretty bold. Getting a facial piercing of any form is a large responsibility and also keeping their deals with clean is an pure MUST.






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There space a couple of things the are needed in order to have a piercing service for a boy under the age of 18. The following files are per the guidelines of the State health and wellness Department and are not negotiable.


A current and valid government Issued ID because that the parent. (Driver's License, State ID, or passport.)

The minor's original birth certificate identifying the parental as the minor's parent.

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A current and also valid government Issued ID for the minor. (Driver's License, State ID, or passport.

*** school IDs are NOT taken into consideration A VALID type OF government ISSUED identifier ***

** STATE IDs can BE derived AT YOUR neighborhood DMV OFFICE as YOUNG together 6 months OLD **