Medically the review by Cynthia Taylor Chavoustie, MPAS, PA-C — composed by daniel Dresden ~ above April 20, 2020

The tongue is critical muscle for an essential human functions, such as breathing, eating, and speaking. The is quite usual for a human to bite their tongue by accident. Fortunately, in most cases, it is no a cause for concern.

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Biting the tongue may seem minor, however it have the right to be painful and problematic, especially if the happens once chewing.

If someone bites your tongue throughout an accident or while play sports, it can seem an extremely scary, since tongues have the right to bleed a lot.

It is a very facility part that the human being body, through at the very least 8,000 motor units, which assist move this solitary muscle. This could explain why the tongue is so flexible and also can hurt so much when injured.

Keep analysis to find out the heal time, treatment, and also prevention for a little tongue.

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The causes of a little tongue might include:

car accidentssports injuriesfallsfightsseizuresspasms in sleepvigorous, unconscious chewing

Because kids tend come be an ext active 보다 adults, they are an ext likely come bite your tongues.

Sometimes, a person who has actually epilepsy might bite their tongue throughout a seizure. Someone v epilepsy cannot swallow your tongue throughout a seizure.

Typically, when human being bite your tongues, castle are mindful of exactly how they go it, and the injury heals top top its own.

When people injure your tongues and seek clinical treatment, a medical professional will study the size and shape of the wound, as well as the problem of the tongue, to decision if stitches room necessary.

Some human being bite their tongues in their sleep. Doctors uncover diagnosing why this happens an ext complicated. They may look for indicators of sleep apnea, this grinding (also recognized as bruxism), and epilepsy.

Very often, house treatment is all that a person needs to regulate a bit tongue. The adhering to steps can serve together a guideline:

Ask people to rinse out their mouths v water first. This makes it less complicated to watch the site of the injury and also remove any kind of blood or debris.If the is important to put hands in the hurt person’s mouth, wear clinical gloves.Look for pieces of this or various other objects that might be in the mouth.If the tongue is swelling, try using ice cubes wrapped in cloth or ice cream pops to alleviate it. Protect against putting ice or ice water straight on the tongue.If the tongue is bleeding, try to protect against it by using pressure with a sterile gauze pad or item of clean cloth.If the bleeding continues after 15 minute of using pressure, consider seeking clinical help.

It is vital to keep the wound clean, so be certain to to wash the mouth after every meal, making use of a solution made native 1 cup the water and 1 tespoon of salt.

Sometimes, a medical professional will have challenge determining even if it is a tongue bite is severe enough to need stitches, an especially when youngsters are involved. One study just recommended stitches for tongue wounds that are bigger 보다 2 centimeters (cm) long, uneven they impact the guideline of the tongue.

It is not always possible to avoid tongue biting. However, the following safety tips have the right to make it much less likely for a person to bite their tongue accidentally:

Try come limit any kind of kind the injury in a car by ensuring the all adults space wearing seat belts, and also all youngsters are in appropriate car seats.Make sure all players wear a helmet, challenge mask, and or mouth guard when engaging in any sports or tasks where head and mouth injuries space possible.Take every steps important to “baby-proof” a household and protect young kids from falls and other accidents.Encourage people, especially young children, to it is in mindful once they space eating and also chewing.

Individuals with conditions that may cause seizures should work through their healthcare teams come make sure they and their love ones recognize what to execute to protect their tongues throughout a seizure.

If sleep apnea or this grinding are causing tongue biting, working v sleep experts or dentists can help people discover practices to control these issues.

Most of the time, a little tongue heals on its very own in a few days. Complications have tendency to arise only with much more severe injuries. They need prompt clinical treatment and also may include:

infectiondisfigured tongueimpaired functioning because that the tongueblocked airway

The time that takes a little tongue to heal relies on the severity the the injury. Many heal quickly, within a couple of days or a week, yet if a human needs bland or a doctor has re-attached a piece of the tongue, the recovery will take longer.

It is recipient to eat soft foods while recovering indigenous a bit tongue, together as:

smooth peanut butteryogurtcottage cheesesoupscustardsice creamsherbetseggswell-cooked or canned fruits and also vegetablestuna

Experts advise staying clear of the complying with foods and practices, which deserve to irritate the damaged tissue, resulting in pain and slowing healing:

citrus fruits and juicestomatoes and tomato juicevery salty or spicy foodsusing tobaccodrinking alcohol

Use over-the-counter medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such together ibuprofen (Advil) and also acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Signs the a bit tongue needs clinical treatment may include:

serious bleeding that does no stopthe individual seems to have trouble breathingshallow breathingskin transforming pale and also clammysigns of infection

If there is substantial bleeding, look for medical help right away. The individual may have bitten v their tongue and may have severed it.

If who bites off component of their tongue, a operated doctor might have the ability to re-attach the severed part of the tongue. Must this happen, be certain to collect the severed piece of the tongue, wrap that in a clean cloth, and keep it on ice cream until reaching the Emergency Room.

When world bite their tongues, lock usually recover without medical treatment in a couple of days.

More serious, depth bites deserve to take longer and also run a higher risk of complication.

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Most of the time, a little bit tongue is a painful but short-lived injury, frequently due to sports-related and also other accidents.

It is not usually essential to view a doctor for a little bit tongue, yet if the bleeding is severe and also a person suspects more damage, seek clinical help.

Even if a human being bites a item of their tongue off, the is possible to re-attach it, with positive results.


Medically reviewed by Cynthia Taylor Chavoustie, MPAS, PA-C — composed by daniel Dresden ~ above April 20, 2020