Make the most of your time in Brew City at Cambria Hotel Milwaukee Downtown. Together with spacious guest rooms inspired by the city’s neighborhood flair, enjoy access to free WiFi, Fitness Center, and a heated at home pool. For a good start to your day, breakfast is available and in the evenings gain a neighborhood beer, cocktail or wine in ~ our 414 Bar + Kitchen (closed Mondays). For last-minute needs, our sundry shop and also valet cleaning service do it simple to unwind, even when she on the road.

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Top reasons To Stay

Friendly Guest Service

Designedwiththe contemporary traveler in mind, our tailored hotel experience allows you to be in ~ your best every time girlfriend travel.

Top factors To Stay

Modern Rooms & Amenities

Our thoughtfully curated guest rooms invite you come unwind v cloud-like bedding, WiFi connectivity, and also spa-inspired bath amenities.

Guest Rooms

Unwind & refresh in Style

Inside ours stylishly designed guest rooms, you"ll find architecture elements that draw ~ above Milwaukee’s culture along with upscale amenities favor premium bedding, spa-inspired bathtub products, bluetooth restroom mirror, min-fridge, microwave, 49" HDTV v streaming capabilities and a committed workspace with a desk and also chair.

watch Rooms

414 Bar + Kitchen

Start her morning v specialty coffees and also teas, order a round of drink from our friendly bartenders, and also indulge in freshly prepared fare at 414 Bar + Kitchen, motivated by Milwaukee’s thriving culinary scene. 

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The ideal of Brew City

Our hotel’s location by Historic third Ward associate you come the city’s ideal shopping, dining, cultural attractions, and also sporting events. Tourism the Harley Davidson Museum. Stroll along the scenic Milwaukee RiverWalk and also reach Lake Michigan in minute on foot. 

Historic third Ward, 0.7 mile Fiserv Forum, 0.9 mile Milwaukee public Market, 0.4 mile view ON GOOGLE MAPS
Milwaukee Downtown


414 Bar + Kitchen is open for breakfast Wednesday – Sunday mornings indigenous 7am-10am. 414 Bar + Kitchen is open up for dinner Tuesday – Saturday from 5pm-9pm.

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A modified Housekeeping organization is noted every 3 days for guest who reservation are greater than 3 nights. To help protect the safety and security of guest and employees us encourage those who room unvaccinated come wear a face covering while in the public areas. For much more information, please contact the hotel directly. You re welcome be advised the there is a $75 incidental fee hosted at examine in.