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The Callaway Mack daddy 2 tour Grind wedge is a brand-new option in an already popular wedge line. One of the most well-known sole grinds on tourism is now obtainable to the public.

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Callaway’s Mack daddy wedges have constantly been noteworthy. The initial Mack Daddys were the emperors of spin prior to the USGA lessened the grooves; naught chewed increase urethane prefer they did. The Mack daddy 2 sought come deliver comparable spin v conforming grooves and found a house in the bags of thousands of golfers. With the brand-new Mack dad 2 tour Grind wedges, Callaway is bringing one of the most popular sole grinds on tourism to golfers everywhere.



The brand-new Callaway Mack daddy 2 tour Grind wedges have actually a different look and also vibe 보다 the original Mack daddy 2 wedges. Both the Mack daddy 2 and the Mack dad 2 tour are available in chrome and also slate finishes, however the Mack dad 2 Tour has actually a white and neon yellow repaint scheme that really pops. Sticking v the neon yellow theme, Callaway also used a neon yellow and white Golf Pride brand-new Decade Multi-Compound grip which is among those small factors that really completes the look. The slate finish is my favourite of the two finishes and it supplies some nice benefits such as no glare, and it will certainly oxidize in time to create that rusted “tour” look.

The form of the Mack daddy 2 tour is a little less compact and a little an ext square than the Mack daddy 2. Remainder assured, it has a really appealing look at address. The face has Laser Milled Micro Grooves which provides for one the the coolest looking encounters I’ve ever seen top top a golf club.


Sound & Feel

One of the hallmarks that the Callaway Mack daddy 2 tour Grind wedge is exactly how soft it is. This is immediately evident at an initial impact as soon as you’ll an alert that the sound that the Mack dad 2 tourism is a lot much less clicky than many wedges you’re going to hit. There’s sufficient of a click to give you the audible feedback to know whether or no you made great contact, but it’s a pretty soft muted sound.

Right in line v the sound, the 1020 carbon stole Mack dad 2 tourism wedge has an very soft feel as well. Off-center shots did not have the sting the is usual in higher-level wedges, and also shots in the middle of the face have a quite sweet, pure feeling to them. Every in all, the Mack dad 2 tourism wedge is a very soft and also responsive wedge the is a pleasure to hit.



The Callaway Mack dad 2 tourism Grind wedge is much an ext than a good looking society made of a soft metal. This wedge is very well engineered and performs on the course. The factor the tour grind is so renowned is since it renders the wedge a much more versatile, well-rounded club that deserve to be provided for different shots varying from a high bunker shot to a chop 30 yard pitch. The relief in the heel and toe give you the capacity to easily transform how you set the society at address and the straighter top edge do it less complicated to make specific contact. In the bunker, the MD2 Tour cut through the sand an extremely nicely and also made sand shots remarkably easy.

Whenever the wedge discussion comes up, of food everyone desires to talk around spin. The Callaway Mack dad 2 has 39% larger grooves that offered me a many spin, yet is far from uncontrollable. It’s a instance where us mere mortals may be able to zip a ball earlier a little an ext than we formerly could. Additionally, the Laser Milled Micro Grooves provide an raised roughness top top the face which rises the friction against the ball and also this roughness will keep as the grooves continue to wear.



I think golfers need to be more aware of the meaning of a good wedge in your bag. True, if you’re hitting greens in regulation all day, you might not have to use the much, however a wedge can be that club that just saved her round because you needed to do that good sand conserve to save par and win her match, or possibly you do a pretty hole out for birdie that will certainly leave you with stories come tell of your heroic ring of golf for the following week. Lengthy story short, it’s vital to have actually a really good, performing wedge and the Callaway Mack daddy 2 tour Grind is totally qualified of being the club. Just due to the fact that the word “Tour” is in the surname does not typical that world should shy far from this wedge. The tourism Grind sole provides for a versatile wedge that renders it feasible to get an innovative and come up with exciting solutions to save par.

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Price & Specs

The Callaway Mack daddy 2 tourism Grind wedge retails because that $129.99.

FinishGrindLoftLieBounceAvailable InLengthSwing Weight
ChromeC Grind52°64°10°RH / LH35.375″D3
ChromeC Grind54°64°11°RH Only35.25″D4
ChromeC Grind56°64°11°RH / LH35.25″D4
ChromeC Grind58°64.5°RH / LH35.125″D3
ChromeC Grind60°64.5°RH / LH35.125″D4

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