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My family and I were looking to celebrate our daughter"s 8th birthday with a beach trip. We found Cajun Tide Beach RESORT and it had decent reviews with a decent price, so we booked a room. We got to the hotel, got the key and headed for the beach! When we got back to the room after fishing and swimming to clean up and enjoy our night we realized the filth we would endure for the upcoming 2 nights. There was mold, grease stains, dust, broken blinds, and a DEAD FISH in my son"s bed under the comforter! We brought this to the attention of the owners of the property and they refused to believe that their room was dirty. We gave them the opportunity to make things right, but they refused. The lady behind the counter was slurring her words claiming that she personally cleans each room herself and washes the sheets. This room hasn"t been used or cleaned in a VERY long time. When we packed our car and decided to leave the room because of the nastiness they said, "We know your game!" Ok, so here is our game...we packed our car, drove 6 hours, boarded our dog, and were forced to drive home and cut our trip short because we didn"t have anywhere to stay. Our daughter was telling them about the fish in the bed and they accused her of lying and said, "your daddy put you up to this didn"t he." As you can see on the pictures with the fish there is mold on the pillow where the fish had been occupying that bed for a while. We have been all over the world and we have never been treated like this. We are two professional people. Being accused of lying and having them accuse our daughter of lying was shameful. They should be arrested for the way they talked to my child. My poor daughter was in tears and she was so upset. She was devastated that these two strangers accused her of lying and trying to be manipulative. They accused my husband of being delusional. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Drove 3 hours there, boarded dog. Left after speaking with owner, refused refund and we were berated.…Read More