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This place is legit, people complaining must shut the hell up and also realize that ain't high class shit, for this reason it's no gonna be perfectly organized and it's in autumn River......what did girlfriend expect....
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over the years I've heard a the majority of positive talk about this place, however the couple of times I've shopped here was nothing favor I've heard. Return the was is decent, and the an option is...
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Wow...After analysis some of this nasty reviews I believed I'd add my two cents! very first of all, if your that high class you much better go shopping come Macy's or Nordstrom's or Ann Taylor to name a...
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Burlington Coat factory is just okay. Yes it has a supervisor affordable clothes and also housewares, however don't expect fantastic brands. The store itself is a tiny dirty and also disorganized. The was tough for...
i was pleasantly surprised!!! After analysis reviews of people saying it was unorganized and dirty, I made decision to check it out myself. Greeted through a trusted employee as shortly as ns walked in. The...

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Burlington Coat manufacturing facility was created in 1924 for the function of all sales of women coats and also junior suits. In 1972, the firm opened its very first outlet store in Burlington, N.J. Coats to be the major offering, yet over time the concept evolved right into a one-stop purchase experience. Substantial selections the men"s and women"s suits, sportswear, shoes and also accessories arisen followed through baby and also youth departments. A linens department was added in 1987. Burlington coat Factory, with strategic purchasing, has constantly been able to offer customers some of the recent in designer clothing, shoes, accessories, baby products and also home furnishings. The agency is a national department save retail chain that uses current, high-quality designer merchandise in ~ prices as much as 60 percent below those at other department stores. More than 350 stores have the right to be discovered in nearly 45 says nationwide. Burlington Coat factory maintains a location in loss River, Mass.