dude i found out the a black girl in my college was literally gift poisoned by she white roommate explicitly due to the fact that shes black. Prefer this bitch to be deadass placing mold and also bloody tampons and shit favor that in her food and also lotions and also hair stuff. It got so bad that the girl had actually a constant sore throat that never went away and also at one allude she couldnt even fucking speak

and the dumb white bitch BRAGGED about THIS on she insta??? prefer what a fucking idiot ns hope her ass gets arrested and rots in jail. I feel terrible for this girl being struck like this simply for gift black and not learning the entirety time the her roommate was literally killing her

im honestly aghast, and the worst part is that i understand the administration at my school is gonna shot and sweep this shit under the rug v no punishment because that this disgusting racist girl. Its so evil and im really furious

im not sure just how long that took because that the screenshot to with jazzy, however i understand that she said among her next-door neighbors friends said her. The racialism bitch had around 100 pendant on her finsta, for this reason the truth that only ONE human being contacted jazzy is disgusting come me

anyway jazzy has questioned the problem in great detail on she facebook, and her stream mentioning the matter and responding to comments deserve to be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/jazzy.rowe.7/videos/1739654452736199/

there was likewise a series of tweets made around it by an alum, and also those can be viewed here: https://twitter.com/derangedgoddess/status/925396492969500672

jazzy has stated that she to be told repeatedly that nothing can be done around this until the institution finishes that is investigation, and also im willing to bet the college will drag this shit on forever to make civilization forget. The truth that this racism bitch is tho going to school right here is insane. This is an noticeable hate crime and she requirements to it is in arrested for deliberately make the efforts to injury a black color student. If i uncover out something else around the situation, ill keep you men posted

edit: ns forgot to point out that the school is the college of hartford. It states the college on jazzy’s on facebook page, but just in situation yall can’t check out that



Literally poisoning her, just how is she no in jail? angry

As that today, she has been arrested.

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The university put out a statement and said mugshot would certainly not be released until tomorrow at the earliest.

hopefully we’ll actually see some justice

Police: university Of Hartford college student Admits come Tampering v Roommate’s Dining Utensils, Backpack

Brianna Rae Brochu, 18, was arrested ~ above Saturday and also charged through third-degree criminal mischief and also second-degree breach of peace. Brochu, of Harwinton, was released without having actually to write-up bail and also is reserved to show up in Hartford neighborhood Court top top Wednesday…

Police did no charge Brochu v a hate crime, but Woodward wrote in his campuswide message that the occurrence “has brought around accusations that racism, and also I desire you to recognize that i hear and also share her anger and also frustration.

So, 2 misdemeanor charges after the case got sufficient attention, and also it sounds like the roommate officially admitted come a lot much less than what she had currently bragged around doing on Instagram