“My eyes fail indigenous weeping, i am in torment within, my heart is poured the end on the ground since my world are destroyed.” ~ Lamentations 2:11 

“What I see brings grief to mine soul due to the fact that of every the ladies of mine city.” ~ Lamentations 3:51 

Have you ever had the suffer of God’s word hammering away at your conscience? ns have. Once I very first came to the States, I resisted getting associated with the women’s occupational at church. Ns didn’t particularly enjoy women and much desired working with teenagers. However, God go not enable us to choose to occupational with those we much prefer! He wanted me to work with women. 

I reluctantly answer an invite to go to Memphis, Tennessee and speak in ~ a women’s retreat. I had no other reason to go than that Stuart knew of the work and also encouraged me come go.

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A wonderful woman that loved working through women led the retreat. Just mine luck, I assumed to myself, watching she surreptitiously. She’s walk to know I don’t desire to it is in here. i was right. She did know due to the fact that my perspective was showing. Those bad attitudes always peek beneath our actions like a on slide hanging beneath a dress. She speak to me at the finish of the conference. “You are a good speaker technically, Jill, however it’s noticeable you don’t favor women!”

“Ouch!” i replied. “You’re right, and also what’s much more I’ve no on purpose of liking them because if ns do, i’m afraid God will certainly just offer me a totality lot much more of them to like!”

I was really disturbed around that incident. When I obtained home, I invested some time alone with God and also dared to ask Him to speak come me native His Word around it. A word from Lamentations “came to” or “happened to” me that night: “Mine eye affecteth mine heart since of every the daughters of my city,” lamented Jeremiah (Lam. 3:51, KJV). Here was a man lamenting over women, if this woman—me—cared tiny about her own kind. Jeremiah’s love was damaged for the daughters of Jerusalem and their grim state. Mine was not. Yet I can give God the permission to take it the hammer that His Word and break mine heart together well. And that is exactly what i did the night!

The release that night to be palpable. Starting with six women in a residence investigative holy bible study, God offered me a heart for females that has actually resulted in getting to thousands the women approximately the people with His Word. 

All He desires is because that you and me come say, “Break mine heart, God,” and also He will. That will use the hammer the His indigenous on the anvil of her life, and you will uncover Jeremiah’s endure to be yours as well. 

If God’s indigenous dwells richly in us, we will live and work v a damaged heart—and it will show.

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Lord, rest my heart because that the points that break her heart. Forgive me because that being selective in ~ times and also not letting You choose whom You like me to love, serve, and also minister to. I deserve to be for this reason shortsighted and also miss the end on several of the best blessings together a result. Usage Your Word prefer a hammer in mine life to move me to her perfect will and also purpose. I desire Your Word to dwell richly and deeply in my life so i am always in song with her Spirit. Offer me your compassion for the people roughly me, particularly those who I might not want to love. Amen. 

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