Located on the big and spacious Alberhill Park, this Clubhouse can serve up to 70 kids a day. The computer system lab includes ten computer systems which the children utilize to complete their homework, school projects and also play games. The large multipurpose room stop the dance and music programs, as well as, the plenty of other various programs such as science Camp, which is a favorite amongst the members! Members deserve to hang the end in the teen room which has a T.V., beautiful furniture, and pool tables. In the art room members can express their creative side v finger painting, and also numerous arts & Crafts activities. Alberhill Clubhouse has actually a distinctive program called key Stone i m sorry is a volunteer based regime where high school students carry out miscellaneous projects to assist the community.

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HoursPlease call or visit website for hours of operation.Fees:Please contact provider for fee information.Application Process:Call or visit website for added information.Eligibility Requirements:Please call company provider or visit website come learn much more about eligibility requirements.Payment/Insurance Accepted:Please call provider for embraced forms the payment.ADA Access:Please call facility for availability information.
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