McGrath dealerships in Cedar Rapids is broadening with the acquisition of Zimmerman Ford, BMW, Hyundai and Mitsubishi.

The dealerships confirmed the sale will certainly take impact on respectable 11, an altering the Zimmerman lines come McGrath. The sale adds the Ford, BMW and also Mitsubishi lines to McGrath in Iowa, it already has a Hyundai dealership in Dubuque.

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Mark Zimmerman stated his family members was spring to acquire out the the dealership service 48 years after his father bought the dealership on first Avenue SE.

"The timing was appropriate for my wife, Tracy, and myself," Zimmerman told "We room thrilled us were maybe to sell it come McGrath. Us feel very confident our customers and employees will carry out a an excellent job."

Zimmerman has about 80 employees that will now transfer come McGrath with the sale.

"We"ve concerned find Mark has actually some very an excellent people and we"re excited at what this does because that the expansion of our people," claimed Pat McGrath.

McGrath states the very first thing customers might notification is an expanded inventory, specifically for Ford and BMW. McGrath says eventually, the family plans to put the Ford dealership in the own ar so the BMW line deserve to have its own showroom.

McGrath claims it is good to save a household dealership local, noting he had been eyeing the Zimmerman home for years.

"We"ve tried to present our commitment come the community, and also to be able to take over and also run a household owned dealership is exciting," stated McGrath.

The sale will also include the Zimmerman Collision Center.

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The sale is not related to McGrath"s expansion to the former Junge ar at the edge of Collins Rd. And Council St. NE. McGrath says that website will become a provided car portion of McGrath Chevyland come make much more room for Chevy inventory.






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