Her"s one more short article on to topic "Google"s Chrome browser suddenly shows black box on net pages while surfing". The subject comes increase every now and then. At this time it may hit home windows users through the Chrome 66.

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What"s the problem?

Using Google Chrome, the can take place that black rectangles suddenly appear in the web browser window. The following picture shows the effect, by which I blurred the contents of the yes, really website (shown in the background) for data defense reasons.


When scrolling, the black locations somehow continue to be within the browser window and carry out not disappear either. I"ve been affected since i updated to Google Chrome 66 portable. Occasionally the rectangles get distorted when you close and also reopen the browser – and also there is no reproducible behavior.

I myself believed the totality has something to execute with my graphics map driver or I supposed it"s a memory issued that the chrome web browser (many tabs are often open here). Yesterday ns came throughout a comparable user report ~ above Facebook and also did some research.

The difficulty has been occurring for years

A short search because that "Chrome black color boxes" revealed the the worry has to be reported sparse for years. The article Fix Chrome shows Black box on display gives some clues like installing the latest variation of the browser, activating hardware acceleration etc. Also here you will certainly find similar tips.

A bug in Google Chrome 66

But with Google Chrome 66 girlfriend don"t need to do anything. The concern is known since the pest report 836230 black boxes showing up in various spots on many pages has actually been easily accessible since April 24, 2018. It appears only under Windows. In this neighborhood thread the topic is also discussed and also there are further screenshots (e.g. In this short article at Chrome 66.0.3359.117).

According come the forum entries the pest is more than likely fixed in Chrome Canary construct 68.0.3412.0. As soon as the deal with will enter the secure channel of the Google Chrome web browser is not quite clear to me. This page writes that the bug has emerged again due to the fact that Chrome 60, increased in variation 66 and should be solved in Chrome 67.

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Probably it will assist those affected.

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