What is it?

BioMuscle XR is a testosterone booster, muscle growth and overall athletic booster supposed to promote lean muscle growth. The services are said to come native an all-natural formula without any type of cheap fillers or man-made additives.

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They include it may rise one’s endurance and also stamina, and also that that may affect muscle pumps ~ exercise.

They explain it as being a pre-workout testosterone booster. It is compelled for one come eat a well balanced diet with numerous water and an also adding an exercise regimen. The ideal male enhancement pill of the year was uncovered to it is in Viritenz.

It’s made through studied and effective ingredients expected to enhance testosterone and assist sexual desire. Learn around the services of Viritenz by click this link.

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BioMuscle XR Ingredients and also Side Effects


Their official website only mentions a couple of ingredients, no full list is provided. Below are the ingredient as listed by one customer:

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1L-ArginineL-Arginine MonohydrochlorideL-CitrullineDipotassium Phosphate
GelatinDicalcium PhosphateMagnesium StearateMicrocrystalline Cellulose

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1: A bodybuilding ingredient that lacks any type of reliable researches to display its benefits. This is a salt extract taken from both arginine and another acid.

L-Arginine Monohydrochloride: This nitric oxide booster is made into citrulline in the body. Frequently sold in bulk and sold together a physical practice endurance booster.

L-Citrulline: This amino acid is made right into L-Arginine by the kidneys. This is supplied to assistance a healthy immune system and also blood health. It can be made into nitric oxide to assist increase blood circulation to the penis.


This is not essential and also is often uncovered in enough amounts via L-Arginine rich foods.

Dipotassium Phosphate: Common food additive which offers the mineral potassium and also phosphorus. This is included as a buffer for other ingredients. Athletes will frequently use it to aid the healthy and balanced recovery of muscles.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement through a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

BioMuscle XR top quality of Ingredients

Many kinds of amino acids are provided to advanced nitric oxide because that helping support healthy blood flow. When this is good for potentially raising the frequency and also strength the erections, one can likewise substitute these type of ingredients with healthy foods.

Dipotassium Phosphate is also used i beg your pardon can help fitness, yet it’s additionally cheap and also can easily be found elsewhere. This is not required for most who obtain a diet wealthy in minerals, i beg your pardon is why this is frequently an inactive ingredient.

There room also really low amounts of L-Citrulline and also Dipotassium Phosphate, which isn’t lot to satisfy real changes.

The mass of this is 3 kinds of L-Arginine i beg your pardon isn’t much to satisfy physical needs. In the attach is a peak 10 list featuring the most reliable male enhancement pills.

BioMuscle XR Price and also Quality the BioMuscle XR

You can not purchase single bottles there is no partaking in their complimentary trial. When this trial is end they charge $89.73, this occurs after 19 work in i beg your pardon they will send a bottle every 30 days.

Considering just how all these energetic ingredients can easily be replaced for a much cheaper price, it’s much too pricy. They also do not market a money earlier return on any kind of opened bottles. For single bottle purchase it would make it impossible to acquire your money back.

A major issue v the as whole quality is the you’re can not to verify what’s added. No complete ingredients list has actually been revealed by the creators, and also instead one needs to rely top top looking in ~ what others have said. This is no way to purchase any kind of supplement, one demands much much more fact based info instead that marketing claims.


Being offered 19 days might not be sufficient time come ensure you’re actually enduring the full benefits either. This brief trial is not long sufficient as one has to think about the fact that shipping and handling ago and forth will minimize this 19 job to lot less. Find which male improvement pills were rated as the most effective by click this link.

Business of BioMuscle XR

The company uses the exact same name that BioMuscle XR; they can be got to via the following call details:

Address: PO box 41542

St. Petersburg, Florida 33743

Phone Number: (888) 501-9287

There are numerous complaints about the firm practices native customers that say they to be scammed out of money. They cite how what they assumed was a complimentary trial turned right into a month to month automatic shipping plan.

They do mention in your terms and also conditions that they sell a 19 day trial because that $5.95 to cover shipping and also handling. You have actually to speak to within the 19 days to ensure you’re no charged every 30 days.

The difficulty with this practice is that many comparable businesses will offer a totally free trial and also say one can cancel anytime, just to continually charge even after one calls. Users had actually this precise same trouble with BioMuscle XR as human being have said:

“be mindful of this scam… they will charge girlfriend $100 a month”

“difficult come cancel”

“very upset through them”

Refunds are additionally only available on unopened bottles for 30 days.

There are multiple websites which market this supplement only to redirect to an additional unrelated brand. It’s unknown why this practice is followed. Click the connect in order to check out what our professionals ranked as the ideal male improvement pills that the year.

Customer Opinions the BioMuscle XR

Few evaluate are available online; below are a couple of user experiences:

“do no buy”

“it does no work”

“completely worthless would not recommended”

“did not an alert any positive results this sucks”

There to be several problems from world who failed to an alert any benefits. Even those who supplied a complete bottle added how that did not deliver on any kind of of the promises.

Another usual issue was that human being didn’t see any type of male enhancement support or increased muscle mass. For information about which male improvement pills to be rated as the many effective, click here.

Most client focused much more on the absence of support from the company, and also how they wanted to schedule returns.

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Enzyte 93/100 82/100 76/100 BioMuscle XR 39/100

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