AMC’s Breaking Bad turn a variety of its cast members into family members names, native Bryan Cranston to Aaron Paul come Giancarlo Esposito. However, the show additionally featured a few well-known celebrities in minor duties over the course of its five seasons. That contains stand-up comedian invoice Burr. Burr has headlined a variety of comedy specials and appeared on assorted podcasts over the years. However, his Breaking poor role stays a memorable part of his job — also if that wasn’t a particularly big one.

Who did bill Burr pat in AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’?

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Bill Burr | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty images for Netflix

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Burr join the cast of Breaking bad during the show’s fourth season, playing a guy named Patrick Kuby. Kuby was among Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) cronies, and also he often showed up alongside Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford).

Kuby aided Skyler White (Anna Gunn) numerous times end the food of season 4. Not just does he help Skyler convince Bogdan Wolynetz (Marius Stan) to sell his car wash, yet he intimidates her former boss right into signing a examine so the Skyler won’t get audited for the fraudulent behavior she cursed at his firm.

Kuby help Walter (Bryan Cranston) wiggle out of chop spaces as well, teaming up through Huell to move all of Walt’s money once Hank (Dean Norris) realizes what his brother-in-law has been increase to. The minute that Kuby and Huell lie back on Walt’s huge pile of bills is among the show’s many iconic moments.

How countless episodes that ‘Breaking Bad’ was the comedian in?

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According to IMDb, Burr showed up in a complete of five episodes over the course of Breaking Bad. Two of them were in season 4, while the other three were in the show’s fifth and also final outing.

The first episode Kuby appears in is season 4’s “Open House,” and also the critical time fans view him is during “Rabid Dog” in season 5. Back Burr’s personality only has a grasp of on-screen moments, that does assist drive Breaking Bad‘s plot forward on numerous occasions. He and Huell also serve as comic relief throughout some of the series’ many intense storylines, supplying much-needed levity throughout the final two seasons.

What occurred to invoice Burr’s character?

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Kuby is just one of the few Breaking bad characters who fate remains up in the air following the collection finale. His last scene in “Rabid Dog” is quite anticlimactic, too. The critical time Burr’s character is shown, he’s trying to find Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) top top Saul and also Walter’s orders. After keeping tabs on Jesse’s friends, Kuby reports that he’s watched no sign of Walt’s former partner. ~ that, viewers never uncover out what i do not care of Burr’s character.

As it turns out, Burr virtually made one appearance throughout Better contact Saul Season 5 as well. While that wouldn’t have given fans closure concerning his Breaking bad fate, it would have readily available insight into just how he wound increase in Saul’s service. During an illustration on The wealthy Eisen Show, the revealed why his character doesn’t show up in the prequel.

“I was an alleged to be on it,” that explained. “And unfortunately, I had somebody who was dying, and I knew if i did it, ns was walk to miss it. I had actually to visit them. I had to say goodbye. That sucked.”

Sadly, that method fans have actually seen the critical of Burr in Vince Gilligan’s universe — assuming Gilligan doesn’t create an additional story set in this world. To Kuby’s credit, he probably wound up v a better fate than many of the show’s characters. What the fate involves remains approximately fans’ interpretation. Maybe Kuby is lied on one more pile of money somewhere.