In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, the contestants wake up to the song Baadshah Oh Baadshah. Vikas then tells Shilpa that she will certainly need to quit the job and also pretend that she is still playing so he can target Hina. When the job begins, Shilpa silently presses her buzzer and prehas a tendency choose she is playing the task. She follows Vikas and also feeds him Papaya. Vikas provides Hina wear a Saree.

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He asks Puneesh and also Shilpa to collect and arselection things that are valuable to the contestants. He makes Shilpa and Hina wear blindfolds and also talk about the things that they prefer around each other and also then talk around the things they hate. He asks Hina to destroy his bracelet. Hina states that this is Vikas"s plan to make her look poor. She prehas a tendency to break the bracelet and also then takes a dumbell to break it. She acts like she is trying to break it.
Vikas then gives her a picture of his mom and asks her to action on it and also stamp it through her feet. Hina locations it on a pillow and acts like she is trying to tear it yet is slipping. Puneesh sides through Hina on this and states that it was wrong on Vikas"s component to lug the family photo in a job.
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Shilpa, however, feels Hina is wrong and also calls her a disgusting Aunty who came here after Khatron Ke Khiladi. Hina cries in the washroom and also claims that Vikas scripted all this to make her look poor. Vikas and also Hina have a major spat in the house.
Bigg Boss announces that the job is now over and Vikas has won 6 lakhs. The contestants then walk about the house and get emotional as it"s their last day. The contestants fondly look earlier at their memories as the episode involves a cshed. Keep watching this room for more such updates.

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