In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, Vikas talks to the judges and then says that Sapna wants Hina to win. Arshi says that Sapna is targetting her personally. Sapna warns Arshi not to talk about her. Shilpa says that Sapna is an illiterate woman and makes fun of her in the kitchen. Hina cries because of all the remarks. Bandagi says that Sapna is targetting Vikas and Arshi. Hina tells Sapna that they need to win this round anyway. Bigg Boss decides to end the task and asks the judges to come to a decision. Bandagi and Sapna start discussing the case and Bandagi wants to make Arshi win as her team has Puneesh in it.
Their discussions get intense and they start arguing over who should win. Sapna favors Hiten"s team while Bandagi vouches for Arshi"s team. Puneesh and Sapna start arguing. Puneesh calls Sapna illiterate. Sapna tells him to shut his mouth. Bigg Boss has to intervene and make everyone sit in their places. Bigg Boss says that since the Judges couldn"t come to a decision, the task has been discarded. Vikas tells Hiten that Hina is accusing him of touching her. The contestants sit at night and have their unofficial court session. Vikas acts as the lawyer and asks Hiten why he wanted to divorce Arshi. He explains Hiten how Arshi was not wrong and Hiten denies wanting a divorce.
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Vikas jumps with joy and says that he won the case. Akash tries to convince the housemates to make him the captain of the house. He goes to Hiten, Hina, Priyank, and Luv. Then he talks to Puneesh. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to chose 5 people for captaincy. Vikas, Akash, Arshi, and Hiten are selected. There is a tie between Hina and Shilpa. The former steps back as Shilpa has never become the captain.Hina then changes her mind and is shocked to learn that during the re-voting, Akash and Hiten had given their votes to Shilpa. Priyank makes fun of Shilpa and Arshi and says they are fat and they can"t perform in a task. Priyank gets angry at Hiten and calls him a Bimbo.

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Bigg Boss sets 5 pictures in the lawn and the contestants who are not fighting for captaincy are given the chance to spray paint the face of the contestants they want to knock out from the captaincy task.
Luv paints Vikas"s picture. Priyank dances in the lawn and Arshi asks him what is he up to. He mocks and makes fun of Arshi. Priyank picks up the next spray can and darkens Arshi"s face.
Akash tries to convince Puneesh to darken Hiten"s face. Puneesh doesn"t agree with him. Akash wants Puneesh to make him the captain. Akash has done a lot for Puneesh and wants him to return the favor. Akash accepts that he is scared because he doesn"t want to leave the house. Akash says that he gave his hair for Bandagi and wants Puneesh to cross Hiten.

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