When Om Swami gained "evicted" from the Bigg boss 10 home the contestants couldn"t protect against crying. But who knew when he came ago into the Bigg ceo 10 house, Swami ji would finish up reflecting his true colours.

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From cheap remarks come inappropriately touching women without their permission, Swamiji appears to have taken that upon himself to save the show full that controversies.

It was only a couple of days back, the the house saw a substantial fight in between Om Swami, Manu and also Mona Lisa. The factor for this, as meant was Swamiji! However, also after Manu Punjabi warning Swamiji not to get back to his cheap antics that still did get back to his old habits. 


And it plainly looked like, Swamiji payment no heed to Manu"s warnings. Cause Swami Om was viewed inappropriately emotional Mona Lisa in that very episode. Sadly, points took a quite ugly rotate to the degree that Manu even raised his hand come hit Swami Om . And of food the clash expected a ton of abuses and fireworks. 

However, in yesterday"s episode, Swamiji crossed a whole brand-new level that cheapness.Swami Om walk on to suggest fingers in ~ Mona"s character. Swamiji even was watched highlighting the reality that also though Mona Lisa is engaged, she is still very close to Manu and Manveer. Which renders the entire relationship really questionable according to him!


Swami Om"s fairly appauling effort to slut shame Mona Lisa visibly irked the celebrities in the house. And also clearly, Swamiji made a lot of of civilization uncomfortable through discussing exactly how Mona Lisa and Manu were "caught" sleeping alongside each various other at night. Thankfully, putting an end to this drama, Lopa was viewed lashing the end at Om Swami.

And what complied with this was a complete on battle of indigenous between, Lopa, Rahul and also Rohan and Om Swami. Things gained heated and everyone vehemently snubbed Swami because that his cheap dig. In fact, Lopa provided Swami a piece of she mind by rightfully telling him the he go not have the appropriate or liberty to raise finger on anyone"s personality in the house.

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However, Swami still appears to it is in oblivious to basic human decencies. And as viewers we are still trying to figure out what Swami is do the efforts to carry out inside the house? we dearly hope that for when he thinks before he speaks! 

So, here"s hope that just once we see Swamiji"s name associated with something good happening in the house. 

Till, this actually happens, stay tuned to this space to know all that is happening inside the Bigg boss house.