I guess the so late summer of the ass track was bound to finish in other as awful as this. Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty,’ special Iggy Azalea, is the type of thing that makes me sympathize through the terrorists.

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This song was initially released through a lab by constant J Lo collaborator Pitbull, however somebody realized that 2 female asses are far better than one, so Iggy Azalea was recruited for the remix. Thirty-three million YouTube views (and counting) indicate that somebody was right.

Ten world are attributed with composing this song. Yes, ten. Ns wonder i beg your pardon of them come up through the line “Big, huge booty, what you acquired a large booty.” This tune is proof that a song’s top quality goes down as the variety of writers walk up.

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I am impressed by one element of this atrocity, and also that’s the astounding reality that Jennifer Lopez is 45 years old and also still able to walk toe-to-toe (and ass-to-ass) with Azalea, who is 21 years her junior. The mrs is a freak that nature.

Big, big bootyWhat you acquired a large bootyBig, big bootyWhat you got a large bootyBig, large bootyWhat you got a huge bootyBig, large bootyWhat you(Ain’t the a freak)Big, huge bootyWhat you acquired a big booty(Now baby, you’re gorgeousI average you’re fine, you’re sexyBut most of every you are simply absolutely booty-full)

Have you watched her ~ above the dance floorShe got the boom, shower the roomThat’s the lightning and also the thunderYou wanna meet her, girlfriend wanna touch herSee the light in her eyes, and it beginning to do you wonder

All the sexy girl in the partyGo and also grab a man, bring him come the run floorGo on allow them jeans touch friend while you’re dancingIt’s his birthday, provide him what the ask for(Let me present you how to perform it)

Big, huge bootyWhat you obtained a huge booty(Work)Big, large bootyWhat you acquired a huge booty(Shake that)Big, huge bootyWhat you got a large booty(Go come work)Big, large bootyWhat you

The method she movesI recognize you want herShe light the fire, obtain you rightThat’s the lightning and the thunderYou wanna fulfill her, friend gotta touch herHold on tight for the rideCause you recognize you gonna love her


They begging me come drop down on it but right now Iggy on the topThe last time the people seen a loot this good, it to be on Jenny native the blockI gained ’em going stunner latelyBut infant knowin’ that only make meWanna tell every one of my females to acquire up on the floor and also just shiver it, shower itYa’ll recognize what I’ve been on, ya’ll recognize that I’ve to be onI’m queen large booty, Iggy, now find me a bone to sit onGirls through the cheeks, put ’em hands in the airThen popular music that, popular music that, allow ’em know that friend thereSee, everybody wanna get a tasteYou understand that we’ve got enough to shareBut truth we girls with the huge fat loot too sophisticated to ever before play fair

Mesmerized through the dimension of itYou deserve to fight the if you favor take her timeI have the right to guarantee you’ll have actually the time of your lifeThrow up your hands if friend love a big booty

Big large big large big huge bootyWhat youBig big big huge big big bootyWhat youBig huge big huge big big(Let me show you how to perform it)(Work)(Shake that)(Go come work)