so I've to be wanting come dye mine hair Burgundy however want it to be an ext on the violet side than red.does anyone have any kind of suggestions ofbrands.



Yes!! try Splat in red!! I have dark brown hair and it come outa perfect burgandy!! just don't bleach her hairbefore

Ok. Many thanks I'll look into those. What's your opinion together you can see mine hair is on the dark side need to I lighten it, I've to be trying to stay away native bleach someone fried mine hair yearsbk.

I just used one through Feria to carry out my ombre in my red hair. Ns forgot the surname of the color however it claims violet black. It's gorge! It's a little an ext on the purple side since I walk it end red. Likewise the john Frieda foam line has actually a deep burgundy Ibelive.

its been about ayr due to the fact that I critical dyed my hair to let mine natural shade grow out 보다 I get exhausted of it. So simply want somethingnew.

Ion shade brilliance in tool burgundy brown. Will turn out an ext purple if your hair is already light! Mediumbrown

mine hair is ~ above the darker side. I've had actually it shade I desire now however its to be years so ns don't mental what ns used.yea right now I'm looking up each dye mentionedlol.

If her hair is currently on the dark side (dark brown?) i would use violet black. The is black through a strong violet undertone and also on herbal hair, it would take fairly well. Usage violet wash shampoo (ice makes one) good luck preference makes a violet black.. I understand if friend don't desire to go the darkthough..

shot Age Beautiful's Darkest Plum Brown. It's more of a purple than a red, and absolutelygorgeous.

Sally Beauty has actually a line dubbed Age Beautiful. Your 3V "Darkest Plum Brown" is really violet burgundy. Transforms outgorgeous.

I used Loreals rich merlot red and also it was a black color purple color, the looked awesome, but it faded come red after about three weeks however it quiet looked great... John Frieda is really goodtoo.

If you have a means of gaining ahold that professional shade matrix has actually rv's which space red violets. I'd use a 6rv... You can slo go to sallys they have to haverv's.

My favourite is the Ion color Brilliance creme color in dark burgundy brown blended with tool intensered.

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