You room here because you desire to get three stars making use of gowipe assault strategy at city hall 8. Have you ever before though of utilizing clash that clans city hall 8 farming base to defend against gowipe assaults ?.

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Note: perform not use this strategy if the base have lots of wall surface intersections, and also if the building and also defenses space close together!

Needed army:

Golem – 2 (level 1+)

Wizard – 15 (level 4+)

Pekka – 2 (level 2+)

Wall Breaker – 8(level 4+)

Archer – 14 (level 4+)

Barbarian King

Healing assignment – 2(level 5)

Rage assignment – 1(level 3+)

How to attack:

We need to start with the archers first. Use the archers to take it out structures far far from the defenses, such as the structures placed ~ above each corner to time increase the fight (also the other structure out the the vision of defenses).

th8 gowipe strike strategy

2. Once many of the structures far away are damaged by archers, deploy one Golem. And then, deploy the various other a little away native the very first Golem. Deploy all the wall surface breakers behind golem, as shortly as the Golems with the walls.


best city hall 8 assault strategy

After the walls space being destroyed, the Golems will enter inside. Now, use the wizards to clear nearby buildings so the the Pekka, remainder of the wizards and King may get in inside the base, and won’t go approximately it!
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4. As soon as the structures are destroyed, deploy the remaining troops; every single one the them! Make certain no buildings are near exterior the walls.

Once lock enter, usage a heal spell very first when you check out them weak.


healing spell as soon as the troops start inside and weak

Now most of their energy will be refilled. Then, as as soon as they destroy somewhat the fifty percent of the base, placed a fury spell on them to speed things up.

using fury spell for gowipe

6. Using rage order won’t aid them gain back energy. So once they are around to lose all their energy, usage the last healing assignment on them. Also, usage the capability of king as soon as needed.

more info of city hall 8 hybrid bases.


using last cure spell

7. There you go!his This is just how you deserve to use this strategy for wars and for trophies. If friend still need a clearer visual, just refer the video clip given below. Check out clash of clans town hall 8 basic layouts here.


gowipe three star

This is a th8 war base anti 3 stars attack strategy.

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