Basic summary of Item:The B-14 Wilderness Ridge rifle functions an American-style artificial stock with SoftTouch finish. This rifle is likewise outfitted v a Bergara performance Trigger and a hinged floor plate. The world-renowned (#5) Bergara barrel is perfect in Sniper Grey Cerakote and also features a seamless, omnidirectional, and multi-ported muzzle brake the will minimize felt recoil by up to 35 percent. The Wilderness Ridge is additionally by our super-smooth B-14 Action, which is a two-lug mechanism with a slide plate extractor and also a coned bolt nose and breech come ensure smooth feeding and extraction the the cartridge. It has been manufacturing facility drilled and also tapped to fit Remington 700 format rings and bases.

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Just the Facts:

bergara b-14 wilderness ridge

My story:Check out our video clip of the rifle:

We took possesion of the Bergara B-14 Wilderness Ridge rifle in a 7 mm remington magnum just a couple of weeks ag0. Us topped the gun with a Leupold 4-20 VX5 scope placed on Warne rings.We were yes, really excited exactly how cool the looked, and were anxious come test out the legendary accuracy claims.Our first trips come the variety were all with manufacturing facility ammo as we went v the break in process outlined on the Bergara internet page: Clean the pistol after each of the first 5 shots, then clean the gun every 10 shots for the next 50…then clean as needed.

bergara b-14 wilderness ridge

We understand it is the buzz word, and the present rage…but we are hoping to do this a long selection hunting gun because that under $1500. We actually hope to simply make that a an excellent long range gun regardless of the price.

We uncovered the pistol to accomplish the 1 MOA guarantee appropriate from the first shot fired, NICE. We also found the the groups certainly tightened as we continued along the course of breaking in the rifle.

Once we had completed the break in procedure and shot about 50 rounds with the gun, we functioned up a hand load: 61.5 grains IMR 4831, 162 grain ElD-X, seated simply off of the lands.

We climate headed ago to the variety for some an ext shooting, in a little far better environment, and with no wind..finally.

The shoot went an extremely well! us shot the gun through the muzzle break on, and with the off. We felt like the muzzle break decreased the overall kick about 50% making it an extremely comfortable to shoot a 7mm MAGNUM over and also over v no shoulder problems at all.

The pistol feels great on the bench and also in the field. That does have a little of a heavy barrel, and can tend to absent forward in the sling over your shoulder, yet this is a young issue and does not occur much.

The trigger on this gun, appropriate from the factor was collection at about 3 pounds, which made the a dream come shoot. It has actually no creep and also surprised united state each time the gun went off. Bergara put a an excellent trigger in this gun and also is basic to readjust and an extremely crisp.

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After working up a load, and shooting the gun about 75 times, we were now able to continuously shoot a .5 MOA group. We likewise took the gun the end to 700 yards, and also clanked the gong 5 time in a row. YES!

The Bergara b-14 Wilderness Ridge is a optimal performing gun. Us love it and are entirely sold top top Bergara quality, functionality, and also accuracy. Well done Bergara, we want more!

What they can do better:The stock is simply ok looking. Us feel a better pattern of camo would be an ext appealing.