"my big fat extraterrestrial wedding". Remember when the og ben 10's household committed cold blooded MURDER?

in the illustration "my huge fat alien wedding" from the initial ben 10 series, the family has to address a wedding in between mud aliens and the tennyson family. Mud aliens store trying to avoid the wedding through acts that violence.

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at one suggest ben turns into diamondhead and also fights the brides ex in the middle of the rehearsal wedding dance. The fight leads ben and the mud alien into a pool whereby the alien gets diluted and well, due to the fact that we never ever hear the or from the again, the dead. Then throughout the orgasm of the illustration max tennyson provides his nanoshifting guns energy core favor a grenade. The rams it right into the aliens chest at which point it blows up and also since us dont check out him again, the dead. The only civilization who remotely could be declared to have survived are the brides parents, who fuse and are turned to a heavy clay-like substance. They room the just mud aliens who arent puffy up, diluted, or destroyed.

this episode basically had the tennyson family members just straight up murder 2 aliens in cold blood, and they treat it like any type of other adventure. Correct ben did the very same to vilgax in the end of the collection yet we see that in ben 10,000 vilgax was no "kiled" yet like 78% obliterated and remains in a dna stasis warehouse lab. The just other times we have actually seen a brutal "f you' act of cold blood murder was as soon as ben precise deatomized ghost freak three times . An initial in the og collection when ben dealt with him and the circus freaks, then in room in the shuttles bay, then one final time in omniverse whereby he literally deatomized him .

my suggest is that in the OG collection ben and his family members literally eliminated a family members of aliens in cold blood and the show as with glazes over it.

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I discover it funny the bride is left through no parents, friends, exes, or love ones reason they space dead or turned to stone. And also shes favor "yay! ns so happy ns married the man whos household executed everyone and everything ns knew and also loved!" and ben having actually turned her parents to rock forever is prefer "hey heres a frosting for your wedding, that is ugly however it works."

now come the fans:

what other instances of psychotic actions or stunner disturbing moment did you view while watching the show/series that was simply glanced over or barely touch on?