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3959 second Street SouthSaint Cloud, MN 56301Driving DirectionsPhone: (320)253-0040(320)253-0040Maps & direction

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1971, Bed bath & beyond Inc. And also subsidiaries (the “Company”) is a retailer selling a large assortment the domestics merchandise and also home furnishings i beg your pardon operates under the surname Bed bathtub & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, Christmas Tree Shops andThat! or andThat!, Harmon, Harmon challenge Values or challenge Values, buybuy BABY and also World Market, cost Plus people Market or price Plus. Customers deserve to purchase products from the agency either in-store, virtual or v a cell phone device. The company has the developing capability to have actually customer purchases picked up in-store or shipped straight to the customer from the Company’s distribution facilities, shop or vendors. In addition, the firm operates the a Kind, one e-commerce website that features specially commissioned, limited edition items from emerging fashion and also home designers; One emperors Lane, an government in home décor and also design providing a distinct collection of select home goods, designer and vintage items; and also PersonalizationMall.com, an industry-leading virtual retailer the personalized products. The agency also operates Linen Holdings, a provider of a range of textile products, amenities and other products to institutional customers in the hospitality, cruise line, healthcare and other industries. Additionally, the agency is a companion in a joint undertaking which operates sleeve stores in Mexico under the surname Bed bath & Beyond.

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The agency sells a broad assortment that domestics merchandise and also home furnishings. Domestics merchandise includes categories such together bed linens and related items, bath items and also kitchen textiles. House furnishings encompass categories such together kitchen and tabletop items, good tabletop, basic housewares, basic home furnishings, consumables and particular juvenile products.

The firm strives to do an ext for and also with its customers by: offering considerable breadth, depth and differentiated assortment the merchandise in ~ the ideal value; presenting goods in a distinctive path designed come maximize client convenience and also reinforce customer perception the a vast selection; and also providing terrific customer service, including new ideas and also solutions. The firm continues come grow, differentiate and also leverage its assortment across all channels, concepts and also countries in which that operates, to much better engage through its customers wherever, whenever and however lock express their life interests and travel v their life stages. V its growing analytic capabilities and omnichannel marketing approaches, the agency strives to an ext efficiently and also effectively understand and satisfy the customers’ needs. The agency is likewise enhancing its capability to achieve this objective through an continuous commitment to people class information and interactive technology, an extensive analytics and targeted marketing and also communications.

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