Bank that America will close its southern Boston financial center located in ~ 606 broad Street top top Tuesday, Oct. 4.

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Doug Ford/Gazette-Virginian

Bank that America will close its south Boston financial facility located at 606 large Street ~ above Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The bank informed its client of the closeup of the door in a letter dated Friday; however, employees claimed they were informed of the closing number of weeks earlier.

According to veteran financial institution employees, some with 20, 30 and also 40 years of bank experience, the announcement came as a shock come them simply as it did to the neighborhood branch’s customers.

One employee, that asked no to it is in identified, claimed it to be “hard” due to the fact that all these long-time employees room “just going come have discover jobs” elsewhere now.

The Clarksville financial institution of America branch will remain open, but some employees surmised it was because financial institution of America walk not very own the south Boston facility, and rising expenses of leasing the space resulted in top management’s decision to close the regional branch office.

Bank that America employees stated the agency also emphasizes the online and also mobile banking, direct deposit, banking by phone and banking at other locations consisting of Lynchburg and also Clarksville.

Earlier this week, local bank employees claimed they to be “extremely busy” fielding concerns from locally influenced customers.

The notice mailed to customers date Friday, June 24, stated, “On Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, the financial facility located in ~ 606 wide Street, southern Boston, Virginia is closing.

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“While your account will stay the same, we’re sorry for the inconvenience this close up door causes. To minimization the inconvenience, we have plenty of other methods you can continue to financial institution with us.”

Other methods to bank provided in the announcement include online and mobile banking, direct deposit, banking by phone and also banking at one more location including the Wards Road, Lynchburg branch.