"Bad girl Club" Season 14 Reunion: Clermont twins Say they Weren"t enabled to to visit + Sneak emergence of part 2 following Week!

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Bad Girls society season 14 was not that good of a season, let"s be clear. Love them or dislike them, however the Clermont Twins and also their sidekick Jela do this season. Once Jela, Shannon and also Shannade were every kicked the end after that entirety altercation, the season just became extra wack, in mine opinion.The very first part of the reunion aired Tuesday night (Oct. 27) and it pertained to no surprise that the twins were no in attendance.Host that the reunion and muva of BGC,Tanisha Thomas, explained that the Clermont twins decreased to come. Us viewers likewise saw the twins had their own dressing room with their surname on it, i beg your pardon made it seem choose they to be welcomed, right?Well, this is not the case.It appears as if the twins to be banned from coming to the reunion and also they exit a statement on Instagram to set the record straight:
The twins and also Jela had actually their property damaged on the display by few of the other girls and the producers never stepped in to tellLauren,Jasmine,KathrynandJenna,enough is enough.The pair spoke around that details episode weeks ago and said, "I love how
oxygen down played this (not even hald of our things) please define this. Ruined to no return."
Destroyed residential property on the show
I likewise heard the twins threatened producers with a knife and this might be the reason they to be banned indigenous the reunion. If this was the case, why lie and also make that seem favor the twins were the ones that didn"t want to show up at the reunion?The BGC franchise needs to get it together! Season 15 is already filming (in the same home this season) and also will function sister duos on the show. Season 16 is right now casting and also producers are in search of online famed people: Instafamous chicks, Vine famous, etc.What were your thoughts on part 1 that the reunion? carry out you think the pair should have been invited? fall a comment below!If you missed the reunion, clock it HERE. Inspect out part sneak peeks of component 2 of the reunion below:

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