Baby we dont need to rush we can take that nice and slow

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Shawnna - take It slow come "Take it slow" by Shawnna. Play the tune on the radio / Gotta let my baby know / when I acquire it, I"m a take ... Need time come breathe since I understand what we ...
Sammie - slow-moving to "Slow" through Sammie. Five / oh / five no no / five baby girl / We should take it sluggish / take it it slow-moving / take it it slow ... Infant take it slow-moving girl we don"t have to rush
THE-DREAM - sluggish DownSee the thing around love is us think around it to much Slow under (take ... Take it it slow) slow down i don"t really wanna rush ... Take it slow baby allow it walk slow-moving down
SAMMIE - SlowOh baby Girl We must Take It slow-moving Take It slow-moving Take it sluggish Anything the you want carry out you not acquire it every ... Baby take it slow girl we Don"t need to rush
RIHANNA text - RushI catch a rush young whenever us ... When I check out you native the back you understand me need all a documents yo yo yo Dont even ... To late i cant slow down No method we"re ...
RIHANNA text - ready To to "Willing to Wait" song by Rihanna: Baby sluggish down ... Its shared baby but we dont need to rush something real Baby if her willing come wait We can just take ...
USHER - Nice and also SlowDon"t store me waiting ... Ain"t gotta sirloin I simply want to take it nice and also slow ... I just wanna take it nice and slow (now infant tell what friend wanna carry out with me)
KENDRA - NICE and also SLOW text - - Nice and also Slow Artist: Kendra. ... You obtained take that Nice and Slow we dont need to rush ... Yea baby Nice & Slow
Omarion - take it It slow trident-gaming.netTake It sluggish ... Don"t leave me hangin" for this reason mami can you take it turn off ... And also we bout to take it turn off T.U.G. We in this bitch us tear the roof off
SHAGGY text - Chica to "Chica Bonita" track by Shaggy: What is cinco cervezas ns really don"t know however this pretty small ... Ain"t no must rush it baby we have the right to take that slow
TGT text - take it It WrongFor currently we take it slow, no have to rush now We can gain bed on the low I"m a give you this love baby ... Hope that you don"t take it wrong, baby TGT, TGT yea
LADY ANTEBELLUM - just A KissWe don"t must rush this Let"s simply take it slow just a kiss on her ... So baby I"m alright, with just a kiss ... With simply a kiss goodnight No i don"t desire to ...
BRANDY - SlowerBaby we obtained all night so don"t sirloin it ... just take the slow-wer slow Don"t rate it up young we can go Slow-wer ... What You require Lady Antebellum - just A Kiss 3 definitions to just A Kiss text by Lady Antebellum: ... Us don"t need to rush this Let"s simply take it sluggish ... So baby I"m alright, ...
Shaggy - Chica Bonita to "Chica Bonita" through Shaggy. ... Ain"t no have to rush it infant we have the right to take it slow ... I feel choose I"m in love and I don"t even know your name
PAULINI - We have the right to TryTribulations don"t mistake me ... I"m right here to remain no should rush We can take it slow ... I understand we deserve to do this I recognize we can shot There"s no reason baby, ...
NE-YO - acquire To understand You"Get To understand You" i bet you can"t also ... Uhuu, take it slow, no need to rush, ... Babe, us don"t have to rush, We deserve to take ours time as soon as it comes to us, us!
Drake - slow-moving Down trident-gaming.netSlow down feat. ... Take you the end to dinner ns don"t intend nothing in ~ all. ... We deserve to go every the method Baby we must slow it down.
SAMMIE - slow trident-gaming.netSammie - sluggish Oh Oh five No No five Baby Girl We must Take It slow-moving Take It sluggish Take it slow ... When u require me ... Baby take it slow girl us Don"t need to rush
LISA STANSFIELD - Mighty LoveAnd if friend don"t desire to sirloin it we deserve to take it sluggish ... A mighty love It"s what us want, and there deserve to ... I have to know and also I won"t ever before let you go infant it ...
Sammie - sluggish trident-gaming.netSlow text by Sammie: Oooohhh / Ooohhh / Oooohhh No Noo / five Baby Girl / We need to Take It sluggish / take it It slow / take it ... Baby take it sluggish girl we Don"t have to rush
LADY ANTEBELLUM - just A KISS trident-gaming.netBut we don"t should rush this Let"s simply take it slow ... So infant I"m alright, with simply a kiss goodnight ... Pretty song, thanks. Roxanne O ...
AUSTIN MAHONE - wait For This LoveWe don"t require no rush We can take it slow-moving ... Waiting for this love No, I just can"t get enough ... Tell me what you need Baby, let me recognize We don"t need no rush
Rihanna - ready to Wait trident-gaming.netBaby, slow down, simply hear me the end ... If you room willing to wait We have the right to just take it our time Don"t you understand that it"s obtaining late and also I ... Baby however we don"t need to ...

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Austin Mahone - wait For This Love trident-gaming.netWaiting for This Love text ... We don"t have to rush We can take it slow-moving ... Infant let me understand We don"t need to rush We can take the slow
Tammy Cochran - Go slow-moving trident-gaming.netOh baby ns beg because that mercy... Take it it nice and easy. ... There"s no need to rush appropriate through the I"ve waited infant ... For as long as we can take it. And also go sluggish baby
O"Ryan - take it It sluggish trident-gaming.netWe deserve to let it ride We can take the slow, ... Just don"t be fear of me babe (No, no) You have the right to have noþeles you want ... (Take it slow baby)
S society - perform It Till us come "Do it Till we Drop" song by S Club: ... Why don"t we perform it till we drop (so why, ... No should rush We have the right to take that slow
AUSTIN MAHONE - waiting For This Love trident-gaming.netWe don’t have to rush We deserve to take it slow-moving ... Call me what you require Baby permit me know We don’t should rush We deserve to take it slow cause all this is for You and also me alone
Usher - Nice and Slow trident-gaming.netNice and Slow text ... Ain"t gotta sirloin I just wanna take it it nice and slow ... I simply wanna take it it nice and also slow (Now infant tell what girlfriend wanna perform with me)
Andy Grammer - sluggish trident-gaming.netLet"s no take the slow. I don"t desire to rush your love but I can ... I give you whatever you need ... Let"s no take it slow. Wait for the perfect storm We"ve ...
SHIFTY text - LolitaNow infant dont stop, ... There"s no need to rush We deserve to kiss an touch ... We cant take it sluggish Oh Lolita I deserve to blow her mind
DONDRIA - can I speak 2 friend Have the right to I speak 2 girlfriend ... We don"t have to rush We have the right to take it slow ... Hey baby room you all set to go us don"t need to rush

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