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This distinct motion and also special effects in the MX4D® activity EFX Theatre suffer immerses you into the on-screen activity like never ever before. You re welcome be aware of the following about the motion and effects suffer you are about to enjoy. \r\n\r\nThroughout the movie her seat will relocate with the activity on the screen\r\nPlease remain seated through your feet on height of the footrest throughout the entire movie\r\nIf you need to gain in or the end of her seat, please exercise cation and also care as your seat and also the seats approximately you might be moving\r\nYou need to be at least 40\" tall and also be able come sit and also support yourself to gain this experience\r\nPlease just 1 human being per seat, no lap sitting allowed\r\nThis experience may not be ideal for human being who may be pregnant, have heart, back,j head, foot or neck conditions, or various other physical limitations, or those that may have reactions to scents, fog, or strobe lighting effects\r\n\r\n

If you have any kind of questions or concerns around this MX4D® motion EFX Theatre, please call theatre monitoring staff prior to the movie begins


Now discover your seat, sit back, relax and also get all set to gain a movie experience like no various other in the MX4D® activity EFX Theatre  

Grand Screen

The Marquee Suites have luxury animal leather recliners and also a table at every chair to have the ability to bring food in indigenous our extended menu and enjoy from her seat.

B&B Theatres is proud to open it’s first-ever ScreenPLAY auditorium, a theater room devoted to households with tiny children! featuring vibrantly colored seats and wall coverings, a screen-side pat area because that toddlers, and also a full-size climbing playground (complete through slide!), ScreenPLAY invites guests to arrive twenty minutes before showtime because that fun and also play, while music and also other entertainment is onscreen. After ~ the thirty minute beat block is over, guests will take your seats and the lights will certainly go down for a kid-friendly feature. A very first for B&B Theatres (and a very first in any B&B community!), ScreenPLAY will allow tiny movie-lovers (recommended period 2-8) to enjoy the magic the the movie like never ever before!




Shawnee 18 w/ grand Screen and ScreenPLAY


Lee's Summit 16 w/ Grand Screens®, MX4D®, and screenPLAY!


Liberty Cinema 12 w/ cool Screens®, MX4D®, and screenPLAY!


Tulsa Starworld 20 w/ cool Screens®, MX4D®, and also screenPLAY!


Overland Park 16 with Grand Screen®, ScreenX, MX4D®, screenPLAY! and Lyric!


Ankeny 12 v B-Roll Bowling, cool Screens®, MX4D®, screenPLAY! and Outtakes Arcade


Wylie 12 v Grand Screen®, screenPLAY, and Marquee Suites w/ LyricAttention every ScreenPLAY Guests:Please arrive 30mins beforehand to PLAY!By purchasing a ticket (in our theatre or online) and also entering the ScreenPLAY auditorium, you have actually accepted and agreed to the security rules set forth below.  B&B Theatres will certainly not it is in responsible for incidents, injuries, or damages due to a child, parent, or guardian’s negligence or non-compliance v the rule of ScreenPLAY.  Please abide by the complying with safety rules: * kids must it is in accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

\r\n\r\nParents or guardians assume full responsibility and also liability for youngsters while top top the premises.\r\nAll adults and also children must purchase tickets prior to entrance.\r\nThe play areas are draft for children 11 and also younger. Adults may not use the play area.\r\nSocks space to it is in worn in the beat area.

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Please store shoes by your booked seat. \r\nNo toys might be carried into the play area. No food or beverages are enabled in the play areas.\r\nChildren have to go under the slide feet first.\r\nNo running, pushing, equine play, or other disturbances in the ScreenPLAY auditorium.\r\nThe play area might only it is in used before the movie.\r\nFollow all instructions native B&B Theatres Staff.\r\n\r\n

 Have fun and also Enjoy the Magic of the Movies!

Stadium Seating