JB Brubaker of August Burns Red offers you the rundvery own of the process and stories behind the songs on the band's latest album, Rescue & Restore, out tomorrow on Solid State Records. You can preorder the album through iTunes, and also inspect out more from the recording in our In The Studio intercheck out with ABR from March.

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“Provision”“Provision” is the massive album opener. It’s pretty crushing appropriate off the bat and also reflects that while we are branching out with our sound, we are still a hefty band. This is the initially song we ever before composed in drop B tuning which gives it a little meaner sound. The song tells the story of a man who was taken advantage of, yet tried to find the positive in the instance.

“Treatment”This is the longest and also most progressive song on the album. It features a timeless interlude that happens to be one of my favorite moments on the album. I really choose this song because of its finish lack of structure and also how it simply rambles on. Lyrically, this song talks about maintaining an open mind and also not judging various other people who are different from you.

“Spirit Breaker”“Spirit Breaker” is just one of the even more melodic songs on Rescue & Rekeep. It’s not as hefty as a lot of of the album, but it still packs a pretty good punch. Dustin and Jake go earlier and forth vocally during the chorus, and the song features a clean interlude with Jake reading a letter. The lyrics are around being stuck in a depressing time/place in your life yet trying to remember tright here is a light at the finish of the tunnel.

“Count It All As Lost”When it involves technological musicianship, this is around as technical as we acquire. This song is freaking difficult to play and is almost everywhere the place musically. Like “Treatment,” “Count It All As Lost” is structured in an extremely direct fashion and also is a roller coaster from begin to complete. There’s a neat little Latin-esque clean section thrown in, and also the song ends through the hardest guitar lick on the album. Please don’t ask me to play this live.

“Sincerity”“Sincerity” is a chaotic number, among the many intense tracks on the album. This is the only song on the album that doesn’t contain any clean guitars, and also Jake is a madmale vocally. There’s a neat little bit singing thing Jake does a few times in this song, which is a brand-new element for us. Dustin Davidson composed the majority of this song. Kid’s got skills past the bass strings.

“Creative Captivity”Eexceptionally once and a while, we like to compose songs that are totally off the wall. “Creative Captivity” is an instance of this. I have actually a feeling this will be either a “love it or hate it” track for most people. It’s largely important until the end and features the majority of extra instruments consisting of the violin, cello, marimba, Chinese harp, bongos and also trumpet. This song is basically the title track for the album via a different title. It is about how boring our genre has actually come to be and also exactly how we all should try difficult to break out of the slump that is currently plaguing metalcore.

“Fault Line”“Fault Line” is the most standard-sounding ABR song on the album. Longtime fans of the band should hear this song and say, “Yeah, that sounds like August Burns Red.” I think this is a really solid track via a specifically memorable middle section featuring a cool quiet moment that goes into among the greatest breakdowns on the album through Jake shouting, “Don’t contact me your hero.” I think it’s pretty cool.

“Beauty In Tragedy”This is one more one of our “softer,” more melodic songs. It’s not your typical metalcore chug-a-thon, and also I prefer that around it. “Beauty In Tragedy” talks around the passing of a loved one. Rumor has actually it Jake may have actually melted a tear while doing the vocals over the clean area in the middle. I wasn’t tright here so I have the right to neither confirm nor deny. The song ends via an uplifting thrashy riff.

“Animals”“Animals” is our Egyptian-sounding song. This song is just one of the heaviest tracks on the album and attributes a odd-metered breakdown with a guitar lead that reminds me of a snake charmer trying to keep a striking cobra at bay. I have actually a feeling this will be a song that pleases the fans that save asking us to compose one more Messengers. We won’t be doing that, yet we’ll continue to create some hefty jams.

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“Echoes”“Echoes” is a pretty song that opens through a soft introduction. The first minute or so is in 7/8 timing which is always fun, and the song concludes through a touring band’s anthem of sorts via Jake singing “The open up road is what I have to breathe openly. Free me.” Adam Gray from Texas In July is featured in the middle of the song via a guest drumming spot. He and also Matt Greiner both played full kits at the exact same time. Groovy!

“The First Step”Usually we have actually finished our albums with lengthy, epic songs, yet that is not the situation on this album. “The First Step” is a dark and intense track: It can be the darkest song on the album. It ends through a really noisy and also chaotic climax wbelow producer Carkid Slovak and I got weird in the studio with some cool guitar pedals.