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LDWF is at this time accepting public discuss Largemouth base in the Atchafalaya Basin. Click below for much more information.

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FY 2012-2013 yearly Plan:The FY 2012-2013 arrangement has been authorized by the legislature and has to be filed v the Secretary of State. To check out the FY 2012-2013 Atchafalaya Basin annual Plan, please go to: http://trident-gaming.net/assets/OCM/ABP/Jan2312FINAL2013plan.pdf

Atchafalaya basin Natural resource Inventory and Assessment System:

The Atchafalaya container Natural resource Inventory and Assessment device (ABNRIAS) is now easily accessible online at http://abp.cr.usgs.gov/

Checking the water:The information listed below is derived from the USGS and also the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and also has to be compiled by trident-gaming.net into this layout to permit a quick look at details pertinent come the Atchafalaya Basin. Click here for existing weather conditions and water levels.

ALL phase FORECASTS incorporate 24 hrs OF FUTURE RAINFALL.

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Mississippi flow at CairoLocation: most southern gauge ~ above the Ohio river in Illinois Reading definition - provided to projection rises on the Mississippi. Lag time, 4 come 6 days.Flood Stage: 40"Stage: 22.8"Forecast: expect to loss to 19.7" through 12/24

Mississippi River, just south of ORCS, in ~ Red river LandingReading: Mississippi River south of ORCS, after ~ the diversion right into the Atchafalaya flood Stage: 48"Stage: 21.0"Forecast: expect to increase to 28.4" by 12/24

Mississippi river at Baton RougeFlood Stage: 35"Stage: 7.8"Forecast: expect to increase to 14.9" by 12/24

Mississippi river at brand-new OrleansFlood Stage: 17"Stage: 2.5"Forecast: expect to rise to 5.7" by 12/24

Atchafalaya River, just south that ORCS, at SimmesportReading: The combined latitudinal flows of the Red, Black, Ouachita, and ORCS circulation from the Mississippi flood Stage: 47"Stage: 8.14" Forecast: expect to increase to 14.4" through 12/24

Atchafalaya river at MelvilleFlood Stage: 41"Stage: 5.35"Forecast: expect to rise to 11.5" by 12/24

Atchafalaya flow at Krotz SpringsFlood Stage: 37"Stage: 4.35"Forecast: mean to rise to 9.09" by 12/24

Atchafalaya River above Butte LaroseFlood Stage: 25"Stage: 3.8"Forecast: expect to rise to 7.7" by 12/24

Atchafalaya river at Bayou Sorrell Locks ~ above the GIWWFlood Stage: 12"Stage: 2.4"Forecast: intend to increase to 4.5" through 12/24

Atchafalaya at Millet (Myette) PointFlood Stage: 15"Stage: 2.63"Forecast: mean to increase to 5.2" by 12/24

Atchafalaya river at Morgan CityFlood Stage: 4"Stage: 2.34"Forecast: suppose to climb to 3.3" by 12/24NOTE: Gauge reading impacted by s tides.

Murphy Lake close to Bayou SorrelStage: 8.45"

Lower grand River at Bayou SorrelStage: 6.14"

Bayou CourtableauStage: 17.68"

Buffalo Cove at ring IslandStage: 3.15"

Arm of grand Lake close to Crook CheneStage: NA

Middle Fork, Bayou LongStage: 2.21"

Pontoon bridge at Butte LaroseStage: 5.55"

Bayou Darby in ~ Fausse Pt. CutStage: 9.27"

Lake Pelba at I-10, HendersonStage: 9.15"

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