Don’t it is in fooled by the four-legged table riddle. Examine out our advantageous guide on fixing this tricky teaser.

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With the civilization on nearly total lockdown at the moment, we’re all spending much an ext time at house than we’re offered to.

As a result, we’ve all been left having to find ways of maintaining ourselves entertained.

While plenty of have turned come the likes of Netflix and also Disney+ to store themselves occupied, others have actually preferred much more engaging methods by taking part in riddles, difficulties or brain teasers.

One the the most recent riddles to surface ar online has actually been the four-legged table riddle however what exactly is the answer come this puzzling problem?


At a four-legged table riddle

The four-legged table is as follows:

At a four-legged table, there is one grandma, two mothers, 2 daughters and also a granddaughter. How many legs are under the table?

That seems favor a most legs but just how plenty of are over there in total?

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Answer: at a four-legged table

So just how countless legs are under the table?

There space 10 legs under the table in total.

How is this the case, us hear you ask? Well, let united state explain.

First off, we understand that there are at least four legs current courtesy of the table yet the actual meat that this riddle come in how many people are sat approximately this four-legged table.

Upon an initial reading, it would show up that over there are six people however in fact, over there are just three – for this reason why there are six much more legs to make a full of 10.

We have actually a grandm (a mother), her daughter (both a mother and also a daughter) and also her nephew (a daughter and also granddaughter) thus how we have the number of mothers and daughters sat around the table.

You could also argue that there space 22 legs under the table if the three women room sat on four-legged chairs yet the riddle just states that the three women space at the table and also not have to sat down at the table.

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